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Doc24.vn LUẬN THPT QUỐC TIẾNG agree witth idea that marriage should based love why? Nowadays, almost people experience love then reach marriage. However, partly agree with idea that marriage should based love because only love enough. Here following reasons are. First, there denial that love makes people happy life helps them overcome severe difficulties build warm family. love that joins woman together. When these above supposed things become true, call true love, other words, forgiveness sacrifice contribute true love. Moreover, future home\"s finance also affects family happiness. example, your child can\"t study school without money, even have wonderful moment when both wife husban inconsistency related money turns conclusion, marriage should built love serious attitude sides accept specific characters each other fullfil gap\"s spouses. Write about your hobby interesting freetime activities well entertainments, like reading book most because good aspects brinngs First foremost, reading book only helps widen knowledge also makes love life more. know reference books provide with information every field life. Besides, novels, stories which contain many romantic touching plots controlling feeling great deal. Moreover, enjoying books regularly gives good habit more more patient. Especially, ability express words fluently better better.Therefore,I will confident communicating with others. short, reading books main hobby will make best advantages have happy lifestyle. What kind would like after finish your education? Marketing seems kind career would like choose after leave from university. like this work view some following reasons. First all, marketing position well-paid job. more help your company sell more products, higher your salary course, need have effective stragedies attract customers. Secondly, Working marketer gives many opportunities improving persuding skill ability converting idea into words. There denial that this kind requires different skills meet these requirements, will more more professional. whole, simply hobby. Needless \"\"you will something best when like it\"\".Doc24.vn Write about kind book like best usually habit reading books. Addition books that offer much useful information,I also like comic book. fond some following reasons. begin with, Comic books bring great deal relaxation. them Doremon story, which tells many funny short stories about main characters, Doremon Nobita,Who close friends. author that comic creats many amusing situations among characters that can\"t help laughing. It\"s actually hard-to-put-down book. attracts only children also adults Another good point want mention about creative imagination. mean children need have imaginative mindset, which helps them more active life. large, comic book worth reading after hard work. nice everyone. Describe village know well born have grown country small village beside beautiful river. village surrounded hedge green bamboos. Most houses village built brick have tiled roofs. middle village there pagoda with high trees around first fifteenth days lunar month, villagers often pagoda give offerings Agriculture. right village flows quietly clear blue river. When young, used swim river with friends. forget wonderful time this river fishing rowing boat with boyhood friends! left village lies village green where village meetings often held village officials. this ground covered with soft grass used kites windy autumnal evenings. majority villages live agriculture. They rich thanks their fertile rice-fields their diligence. Harvest time certainly busiest merriest time year. During harvest, villagers often very early morning. They cheerfully their rice-fields harvest bumper crop fruit many months hard work. villagers very friendly helpful. They willing offer mutual help case always with another harmoniously. village rather small indeed like very much because born have grown there spent happiest childhood among simple hard-working villagers always feel attached their native land. importance reading newspaper. name suggests newspapers source news information. several respects they also medium communication among peoples world. Today there hundreds newspapers over world. Everywhere there keen desire learn more more about affairs world. This partly resultDoc24.vn spread education which sharpens one’s curiosity learn about distant lands. source news, newspaper almost indispensable those whose thirst knowledge insatiable. They contain news events distant corners earth. Information about such events arrives almost immediately. result, people everywhere informed about most important event world very quickly almost same time. example, breaks part world today, people other parts will certainly come know about tomorrow. result, countries world able something quickly help those have suffered because persuade countries cease fighting. Newspaper also play important part keeping people world informed about troubles that might arise future, nothing done prevent them from happening. example, dispute arises between countries reason, newspapers keep people world informed about what might happen nothing done persuade countries resolve their differences peacefully. this many wars have been avoided because intervention some countries disputes many countries which were given prominence newspapers. When this considered, feel that there some silent communication among countries through medium newspapers common benefit countries world. Further, constant reading newspapers improves one’s outlook life makes more reasonable person. importance newspaper therefore obvious. Your most embarrassing experience family live suburb city, from central city. about kilometers South. Last week parents, brothers sisters paid visit grandparents country therefore stayed home alone. used very early morning. usual, after going market some necessary things, came back home start doing housework such cleaning floor, making bed, making coffee preparing lunch. house clean tidy that seemed bigger larger. worked from 7:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. tired that stop working rest. After minutes relaxation, started working again. Right after taken teapot from cupboard, suddenly felt something burning downstairs. embarrassed frightened that dropped teapot while hurrying downstairs. horror surprise, kettle electric stove fire. such confusing state that quite loss. Then came idea: rushed switchboard electric power. house suddenly became dark pitch. pitch-dark kitchen, kettle turned dazzling that looked just like burning stifling summer afternoon. Would prefer have expensive ostentatious wedding with lots guests simple quiet one? Everyone conception. These viewpoints quite different from each other, especially ceremonies rites, example, wedding ceremony.Doc24.vn Last Sunday, closest girlfriends invited wedding. bride born middle-class family. parents retired government officials. satisfy their daughter’s wishes, they organize pompous expensive wedding. wedding prepared carefully: they house whitewashed decorated, lanterns gorgeous flowers were hung everywhere. wedding day, bride wore full-length pink dress, with crown head just like queen. great number guests were invited party. Delicious rare main courses were served deafening sounds rock music. Almost guests drank much whisky brandy that they drunk lords, wedding party lasted three days three nights. rumored that wedding party cost half parents’ fortune. have quite different conception wedding. prefer have very simple quiet wedding party rather than ostentatious expensive one. Before wedding, myself will decorate living-room accordance with taste. wedding ceremony, will wear traditional dress which represents chastity purity. Only friends relatives will invited simple wedding party. There will rock music other kinds festivals. summary, conceive that happiness newly-married couple cannot found ostentatious expensive wedding which only ruins their health their parent’s fortune. Talk about habit smoking cigarettes Smoking cigarettes really expensive habit. average price pack cigarettes, example, just about dollar, people smoke packs cigarettes therefore spend their habit. year these smokers incur debt. Since cigarette smoking offensive odor that permeates clothing stuffed furniture carpets, smokers often find that they must have these items cleaned more frequently than nonsmokers Further more, smoker would large money some diseases coming from smoking. Although difficult cost these additional expenses, that expenses contribute making smoking become expensive habit. Describe your best friend tell like daily activities often touch with others from these relations meet some people whose interests, characteristics behaviors similar ours choose them friends. best friends Nam. only over eighteen well developed; thought twenty more. black hair, broad forehead, straight nose bright eyes. very good-looking. kind heart easy with everybody. have been friends very long time. deeper mutual understanding becomes more feel closely attached each other. “Birds feather flock together”, keen learning. best pupils class. always top. good every subject, never shows pride abilities always tries learn harder.Doc24.vn Nam’s family rich enough. parents retired workers. Realizing hardships parents, although absorbed study, often spends most spare time doing useful things help parents their age. gets early morning have enough time deliver newspapers subscribers before going school. After school afternoon, repairs bicycles motorbikes. Therefore money gets from manual sufficient school fees parents’ presents. like very much because honesty straight forwardness. always ready help weak friends their study; result, lots friends, thanks whole-hearted help, have become good ones. relation with Nam, have precious experience: thirst learning, patience overcome difficulties, helpfulness filial piety. Describe bridge know well Whoever been ancient city will always admire gracefulness Trang Tien Bridge. Built long time ago, Trang Tien Bridge made steel concrete supported huge underwater columns which extend depth over meters under water. composed spans joining left bank right bank Perfume River. From away looks like white arches emerging from blue skyline. bright moonlit nights, standing bridge myrisds vacillating stars reflecting clear blue waters. cool relaxed feel that time! light evening breeze rising from river caresses your skin fills your lungs with soft fragrance. around coolness quietness. stillness long night hear little waves lapping against sampans gliding gently below. again sweet melodious chant rises from somewhere then gradually vanishes quiet atmosphere. During day, however, sceneries livelier. Cars, motorbikes bicycles streaming towards other side river. Groups schoolgirls, dressed white, with conical palm hats their heads gracefully walking over bridge their Dong Khanh School, talking laughing merrily. flaps their white traditional dress fluttering fresh morning breeze just like butterflies’ wings. Tourist will foster sweet recollections this famous bridge forever once they have visited this Capital City. should people protect preserve natural resources? Conservation concerns men’s safeguarding preservation natural resources responsibility improving environmental conditions which lives. important task conservation prevention waste waste forests, soil, minerals, wildlife human life. Trees help preserve land because their roots bind soil retain water. Without trees, heavy rains will cause soil erosion remaining land becomes poor worthless. Terrible floods often occur areas where trees down great quantity. Forest conservation also means prevention bush fires attention planting looking after new, young trees.Doc24.vn only should preserve forests should also realize importance wildlife protection. Unless governments have good system control pass laws restricting hunting, fishing eradicating rare animals plants, they slowly disappear. Natural resources such coal, mineral ores limited need them growing day. they last century, should them widely hand, look alternative fuels other hand. Another serious problem threatening human life dirtying poisoning water. This pollution mainly caused fumes, chemicals wastes from automobiles, industries homes. hoped that benefit, soon find solution these problems. important role newspaper magazines lives more society developed more means communication required. Among means communication, newspaper magazines play important role lives. Firstly, newspapers magazines supply with variety news every day. They keep informed political situation world. reading newspapers magazines know what happening country well world large. Secondly, newspaper magazines contribute great deal development knowledge. Through valuable subtle critical commentary articles culture, social civilization, life style learn interesting things. Thanks newspapers magazines, mind point view consolidated enriched. When reading them train reasoning power. Thirdly, through newspapers magazines reading, find what need know: situations vacant column, object want advertising page, missing relative finding missing relative column condolence news agony column. Fourthly, Police Newspapers Magazines help take precautious against social evils such theft, murder, robbery, rape, gambling smuggling. Fifthly, improve English language reading newspapers magazines written English. This enables broaden knowledge English every aspect. conclusion, well-grounded best-selling newspapers magazines worth reading. They mouthpiece nation unseen advisers common people. Give activities like your spare time Watching television activities like spare time. enjoy watching cartoons Saturday mornings sports programs Sunday afternoons. also watch television during week after have finished school work. night, especially like watch movies situation comedies. have homework, tryDoc24.vn arrange schedule that watch least favorite shows. Watching television only activity that spare time. other favorite activities making paper flowers going shopping with friends. However, when have spare time, spend more time watching television than other activities. Watching television help only relax also build huge knowledge open world. Talk about importance agriculture Since time learnt grow crops, agriculture been main source food. Today, most people parts world, especially developing countries, engaged agricultural activities. Human mainly grain-eating animal. Asia, most people rice. Europe, North America Australia, wheat main food crop. rice wheat cannot grown, millet other cereals grown food crops. Though also meat, they enjoy eating meat only when they take together with rice bread which made from wheat. therefore clear that grains main source man’s food, grains agricultural products. Men, however, cannot live grains alone. They need other foods make meals more palatable. Therefore, they learnt grow vegetables, potatoes fruits. Like grains, these things come from soil. They have planted grown with great care. result, have made many experiments soil several centuries increase their production crops. have also learnt consume dried leaves refresh themselves. tobacco, dried leaves certain plants, have become very popular sources refreshment. Even coffee cocoa products plants. Cotton, jute other fiber used make cloth several other things daily needs. these plants have become very important agriculture. some countries, agriculture main source wealth. rubber tree oil-palm Malaysia bring millions dollars every year. Bangladesh, jute plant main source wealth. Similarly, almost every country there least plant which makes great contribution economy country. arrive conclusion that agriculture play important role men’s world. good books good teachers friends? often said: “Tell what reading will tell are”. good book always good teacher guiding through life well true companion encouraging consulting desperate straits. fact, interesting books source invaluable knowledge those want master everything they haven’t known before. Through masterpieces over world realize whole outstanding culture civilization mankind every aspect: literature, science, sociology, anthropology, technology economics. Nobody denies important role good books developing man’s knowledge. more read valuable books more become wise experienced. reading books, prejudices narrow-mindedness. longer live Ivory Tower like recluse therefore along with other people aroundDoc24.vn easily. Next, good books true companions always share joys sorrows daily activities. spirits disappointed your affairs? Read wise advice through books profound scholars authors. sad? Read subtle humorous stories well-known humorists world. your sorrows disappointments will vanish once. summary, good books help train personality. They help distinguish Good from they lead True, Good Beautiful. incident shall never forget outline: When happened Where What happened day, last year, alone house, when something terrible happened. still when something terrible happened. still remember incident very clearly. parents were that meet some their friends. brothers sisters gone cinema. them returned very late night. some school work stayed home alone. reading lessons room back house. very dark. Suddenly, heard strange outside house. frightened once. heard again, this time loud. felt certain that child been attacked some person animal. opened door back house find what was. soon small girl with blood over body, lying floor. still alive; however, then took into house telephoned hospital near Soon ambulance arrived took hospital. know what happened after that. When parents returned, told them that happened. thought this incident frightens even today. difference between father younger brother family definite generation existed between father younger brother, Tom, since brother’s thirteenth birthday. example, father simply able understand hours, eyes closed, listening through headphones hard rock music. stalked room whenever father turned radio favorite melodious love songs. Also, since that day, became teenager, father have continual squabble about chores. Last year, when father asked lawn clean motobikes, usually chores without complaining. Now, mere mention word “lawn”, disappears. Moreover, last months, refused anything bread milk breakfast while father scowled uncomprehendingly, eating traditional bacon eggs. Indeed, almost every word action that passed between father lately widened understanding between them.Doc24.vn Talk about good manners Good manners play important part maintaining peace good-wiling community. good manners does hurt feelings others, therefore good terms with friends neighbors also with others. this helps keep peace society. whose manners respect others. uses words carelessly behaves rudely towards other causes ill-will unpleasantness. end, himself suffers most. Everyone avoids forced live almost isolation. live well society, money alone enough. should also have good manners, human nature seek friendship; friendship cannot bought with money. Friendship with others makes life pleasant earned through attitude towards others. kind others, they will kind kindness essence good manners. manners only drive away friends also others, including family members. Even richest cannot afford have manners. have enough money things than wants; manners will have friends, live happily without friends. Even members family respect finally will become lonely man. other hand, whose manners good many friends. commands respect those come into contact with him. does talk about others. Even when provoked, tries best words which will offend others. also sympathetic towards weak ignorant does poke deformities weaknesses others. There are, however, many people behave well outside their homes that they respected admired everyone outside. their homes they worse than devil. Such people could said have good manners. Their whole behavior pretence does take long others discover this. one’s manners good, behaves well everywhere, even when away from critical eyes others. Only such person live well society. therefore essential everyone cultivate good manners. Describe house living love house living situated suburb city, within thirty minutes’ drive central city. have lived there more than twenty years. This fairly large house surrounded with luxuriant garden. house consists four bed-rooms, living-room, bathroom with shower, dinning-room, kitchen toilet. air-conditioned well-furnished. living-room decorated beautifully. Paintings famous artists hung walls. night, color neon lights increase beauty coziness room. There, Sundays holidays father usually spends time playing chess drinking with friends. mother sisters diligent hard-working women. They often keep house clean tidy.Doc24.vn suffocating days summer, usually take meals garden. fairly cool quiet here. enjoy meals amid melodious twitters birds. stormy rainy nights whole family members gather living-room, watching television telling each other about their daily activities. love house very much because place where born have grown education father tender loving care mother. have spent whole childhood love affection dear ones with many sweet memories. Tell about your hobby free time. hobby stamp colleting. When still only baby, mother began collect course, touch stamps until enough spoil them. remember that fifteenth birthday that first them into hands. They were four books, since that time have added three more, that have bigger collection than friends. stamps? have never bought single from shop collection really cost nothing. father, works office, sometimes brings home stamps from many countries world. have friends both here other lands send stamps return ones which send them. that working living, have much time before spend stamps. evenings, what better than down table with precious books, arranging stamps them, writing names countries, tired, only looking through stamps already books? Each stamp story tell countries strange peoples. pictures women, birds animals that have never seen. Kings presidents pass before eyes, follow history nations Hitler\'s Germany spreading over Europe then suddenly breaking into pieces; Pakistan born before eyes; countries rise countries fall whole time remain comfortably armchair home. stamp collection does make think only past. Just mother collected too, collecting future child. What better will there interesting history, geography languages, making these subjects live instead being only things school books? pass hobby him, will bless have blessed mother wise action. picnic enjoyed outline: When? Where? went along? much enjoyed day, friends went picnic Minyak Beku, small