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ÑEÀ CÖÔNG OÂN THI MOÂN TIEÁNH ANH 7Hoïc kyø Naêm hoïc 2006 2007 Part GRAMMAR Unit 11. Adverbs of time Still Traïng töø chæ thôøi gian Still)2. Indefinite quantifier Some, Many, Any töø chæ soá löôïng baát ñònh some, many, any)3. Comparatives (so saùnh hôn)4. lot of lots of little little too much5. Present simple tense (hieän taïi ñôn)6. Greeting Nhöõng lôøi chaøo hoûi) Unit 21. Future tense with Will (Thì töông lai ñôn vôùi Will)2. Ordinal numbers Soá thöù töï)3. Dates ngaøy, thaùng) Unit 31. Exclamations Caâu caûm thaùn)2. There is There are3. Preposition of position on in under near next to behind/ in front of (Giôùi töø chæ vò trí)4. Comparatives so saùnh hôn)5. Superlatives so saùnh nhaát) Unit 41. Present progressive tense thì hieän taïi tieáp dieãn )2. Prepositions of position on at in Giôùi töø chæ vò trí at, on in )3. Demonstrative adjective this that these those Tính töø chæ thò )4. Tell the time (caùch noùi giôø) Unit 51. Present progressive tense thì hieän taïi tieáp dieãn)2. Adverbs of frequency Traïng töø chæ söï thöôøng xuyeân) Unit 61. Modal Suggestions invitations caùch thöùc lôøi ñeà nghò lôøi môøi )2. Modal polite refusal acceptance of invitation caùch thuùc lôøi töø choái leã pheùp chaáp thuaän lôøi môøi) Unit 71. Adjectives Tính töø )2. Making comparisons Thaønh laäp caùc pheùp so saùnh) Unit 81. Preposition of position near opposite, between giôùi töø chæ vò trí )2. How far How much How often bao xa bao nhieâu bao nhieâu laàn)3. Preposition of direction from ______ to______ Giôùi töø chæ chieàu höôùng töø _____ ñeán _____4. The verb Want ñoäng töø Want )5. The verb Need ñoäng töø Need )Part PRACTICEUnit BACK TO SCHOOL Choose the correct answer: When you are introduced to someone, you say, ________ .A Nice to see you Nice to meet you What do you do? am new student So ________ .A do am am She likes playing badminton. She ________ does some aerobics.A also still too She is quite different ________ her friend. She looks shy and reticent.A with about from don’t have ________ friends because am new here.A any some lots Jane’s house is lot ________ than mine.A big biger bigger Hoa is ________ because she has no friends in her new school.A happy unhappy busy When we are away from home for long time, we ________ our folk.A miss remember feel Lan lives ________ 25, Phan Chu Trinh Street.A at on in 10 She has ________ friends in her neighbourhood.A lot some lots 11 ________ does Hoa have only few friends here? Because she is new.A How What Why 12 Can you tell me the ________ between Hue and Da Nang? About 100 km.A distance way roadII Read the information about Lien, then ask questions and answer.1. What’s her full name? Her full name is Hoang Thi Lien2. _______________________ _______________________3. _______________________ _______________________4. _______________________ _______________________5. _______________________ _______________________6. _______________________ _______________________7. _______________________ _______________________III Match line in with line in to make up pieces of dialogue. B1. This is An, my classmate. A. Not too bad.2. am newcomer. B. I’m in class 7B.3. What class are you in? C. am,too.4. How is everything? D. How do you do?IV Read and answer the questions. am Lan. live with my parents at 36 Ngo Quyen Street, Da Nang. am in class 7B. am not new member. know all my classmates. They are very friendly and cheerful. And my school, am sure you want to know about it. Compared with the biggest school in the city, our school is not as big, but it is bigger than many other schools. It has over 1,500 students. am happy. have lot of interesting things to do with my schoolmate. 1. Who does Lan live with => Full name Hoang Thi LienFamily name HoangMiddle name ThiFirst name LienAge 12Address 32, Tran Phu St.Class 7ASchool Le Loi2. What is her home address? => 3. What does she think of her classmate? => 4. Is her school the bigger in the city? => 5. How many students are there in her school? => 6. Why is Lan happy? =>- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unit PERSONAL INFORMATIONI Choose the correct answer. 1. If you forget her telephone number, look it up in the _______ .A directory phone call box 2. She’ll give party and it will _______ about two hours.A last lose take 3. am at work now. I’ll be back soon. Can you wait _______ get home?A when after till 4. _______ is your address? 30 Le Loi Stree.A Where What How 5. _______ is the last month of the year.A October November December 6. May is the month that comes _______ June.A before after between 7. don’t have _______ stamps. Can you give me some?A some any few 8. Hoa is _______ because she is new at the school.A worry worried worries 9. _______ is your date of birth? July 15 th.A What Where When 10. In _______ year February has 29 days instead of 28.A leap lunar light 11. How old _______ on your next birthday?A will you be you be you are 12. December is the _______ and the last month of the year.A twelve twelveth twelfthII Put the verb in brackets in the correct form or tense1. Would you like _______ something to drink? (have)2. You don’t have to phone him. He _______ soon. (come)3. Come and play game of tennis. What time _______ we _______? (meet)4. Please keep quiet. _______ (study)III Rearrange the sentences to make telephone conversation.1. Hello. Is that Nga?2. OK. I’ll tell her Goodbye.3. Please tell her I’ll call again after seven.4. No. This is Nga’s sister, Huong, Who’s calling?5. When will she be back?6. This is Hoa. Can speak to Lan, please?7. Sorry. She’s not in at the moment.8. Hello. This is 831 645.9. have no idea. Would you like to leave message?10. Bye. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____IV Read this passage and fill each gap with only one word. year, or calendar year form January to 31 December, has 365 or 366 days, which are divided into twelve (1) ______ The (2) ______ month of the year is January and the last month is (3) ______ February has twenty-eight days, but in (4) ______ year, it has twenty-nine days. April, June, September and November have thirty days. All the rest have thirty-one (5) ______ .- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unit AT HOMEI Choose the correct answer. 1. She look like you. She ______ your sister.A must be perhaps must 2. It is easy ______ this test.A do to do does 3. Nam is in the ______ He is taking shower.A bedroom kitchen bathroom 4. Hoa sits in the first row, but Lien doesn’t. She sits ______ Hoa.A behind under next to 5. The first question is easy, but the rest ______ difficult.A is are seems 6. What ______ Thanks lot.A nice present present nice nice present 7. Jane lives ______ farm with her uncle and aunt.A in on at 8. Linda loves ______ to music.A listens listen listening 9. doctor ______ care of sick people in the hospital.A takes looks makes 10. think this apartment nice. It is the ______ suitable for us to live in.A less more most 11. Can sit here Yes, it’s ______ .A no one empty yours 12 She studies the best ______ her classmates.A in of allII Put the words in the box in the suitable groups Living room ____________________________________________________________________________ Kitchen ____________________________________________________________________________ Bathroom ____________________________________________________________________________III Use the words in the box to write the answer for What’s his or her job?” The first has been done foryou. sofa, dishwasher, television, dryer, sink, tub, shower, refrigerator, armchair, electric stovea fireman, doctor, farmer, an artist, journalist1. He earns living by farming He is farmer2. He puts out fire ___________3. She collects and writes news stories for newspaper, magazines, radio or ___________ television.4. He makes pictures by using panit, pencils, pens ___________5. She treats people who are ill or injured in hospital ___________IV Write the comparative and superlatives for these adjectives. Adjective Comparative SuperlativeCheap ___________ ___________Big ___________ ___________Lovely ___________ ___________Interesting ___________ ___________Good ___________ ___________V Read this passage and fill in each gap with one word Hoa’s family live in the (1) ______ Her father is farmer. He grows rice, vegetable, and (2) ______ cattle, such as cows, buffalo and pigs. Her mother is homemaker. She (3) ______ the housework, takes care of the family and sometimes helps on the farm. Both her father and mother are busy from morning till night. In her freetime, Hoa helps her parents (4) ______ the chores around the house. She loves farm work, too. Life ona farm is hard and busy, but in return, they enjoys fresh air and the quiet of the country.- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unit AT SCHOOLI Choose the correct answer. 1. School in the USA are not quite the same as schools in Viet Nam. They are different ______ ours in may ways.A with than from 2. We have ______ break between classes.A 15 minutes 15-minute 15 minute 3. My friend Ba is very good ______ electronics.A at for on 4. think Math is ______ but fun.A easy difficult interesting 5. They go to the ______ have snack.A library cafeteria art club 6. have two close friends. One loves Math. ______ loves English. The other Other Others 7. Where are the reference books? The shelves ______ the left have the books you want.A in at on 8. If you are interested in English books, you can find them______ the back of the libraryA in to at 9. There is reading table ______ the middle of the room.A at in on 10. That bix ______ 12 crayons.A contains have there are 11 He thanked me and said, ______ .A What? Thank you You’re welcome 12 Lan is ______ magazine in the library at the moment.A read reading readsII Put the verbs in correct tenses.1. Please don’t talk. We (learn) ______ our lesson.2. Lan (call) ______you soon. She (want) (ask) ______ you about the homework.3. Our school day (end) ______ at five in the afternoon.4. Nam (not play) ______. He is in the library reading book.III Read and answer the questions School in the USA are little different from schools in Viet Nam. Usually, there is no school uniform. Classes start at 8.30 each morning and the school day ends at 3.30 or o’clock. There are no lessons on Saturday. Students have one hour for lunch and two 20-minute breaks each day. One break is in the morning, the other is in the afternoon. Students often go to the cafeteria and buy snacks and drinks at lunchtime. The most popular after-school activities are baseball, football and basketball.1. Do school children in the USA wear uniform?=>2. What time do classes start each morning?=>3. Do school children go to school on Saturday?=>4. How long does each break last?=>5. What sports do they often play after school?=>6. Do they go to school in the morning or in the afternoon?=> Write the words for the time in two ways1) 5.10 It’s five ten It’s ten past five.2) 6.15 ________________ ________________3) 8.25 ________________ ________________4) 9.30 ________________ ________________5) 7.45 ________________ ________________6) 8.05 ________________ ________________- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unit WORK AND PLAYI Choose the correct answer.1. Lan is ______ some experiments now.A. doing making taking2. Most of my friends are interested ______ computer scienceA in on at3. My friend Ba ______ .A likes best Math likes Math best best likes Math4. You say 7.15 ______ .A fifteen past seven quarter past seven seven point fifteen5. What subject is Nam good ______? Physics.A in about at6. ______ are in the same class.A Hoa and and Hoa with Hoa7. Boys ______ girls enjoys playing hide and seek.A such as like as well as8. They ______ part in different after-school activities.A make take have9. Jane is 13. am 13. Jane and are the same ______.A height size age10. It’s ______ CD player. You can take it with you wherever you go.A heavy big portable11. We need ______ to skip.A rope an atlas calculator12. The ______ school will join in the Field Day.A whole all all ofII Fill one word in each gap.1. want to learn ______ to use computer.2. They play games as well as ______ rope during recess.3. Do they go to junior high school? No, they go to ______ high school.4. People all over the world know this rock group. They are famous ______ .III Put the verbs given in the correct tense of form.1. Tom! Jane is here. She (wait) ______ for you.2. What you (do) ______ at recess tomorrow?3. Linda (have) ______ English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.4. Wait here. Ba (come) ______ in five minutes.5. They practice (speak) ______ English with their friends.IV Read the text. We are in junior high school. At school, we study various subjects. Many students mostly boys love Math. They like working with numbers and shapes. Most girls like Literature. They love good poems. We must study all subjects because we know that all of them are important. Most of us think English is interesting to learn. To some students English is easy. To others, English is quite hard. It doesn’t matter whether it is easy or hard. The problem is that we must try out hardest to study. We will know how to study when we receive the report cards.1 Answer the question.a. Why must we study all subjects?=>b. What do the students think of English?=>c. What about you? Do you think English is easy or difficult?=> d. Where can we see the result of our study?=>2 Choose the best answer.a. Many students mostly boys love Math.” Mostly meansA mainly all onlyb. At school, we study various subjects” Various meansA interesting many good- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unit AFTER SCHOOLI Choose the correct answer.1. feel ______ Why don’t you go on an outing or do something interesting?A bored boring interesting2. He is very ______ He often plays football or basket ball in his free time.A sport sport sporty3. The members of the stamp club ______ together twice month and talk about their stamps.A meet see get4. This question is easy. ______ child can understand it.A Even Every Only5. Tom can play ______ very well.A guitar the guitar guitar6. My brother often helps me ______ my English.A to with about7. Thank you very much ______ me. I’ll come with the guitar and we’ll enjoy our selves.A for inviting you invite about your inviting8. How often do you ______ the shopping?A do go make9. My parents are deeply concerned ______ my studies.A about to at10. My mother works ______ nurse in hospital nearby.A as is like11. Please tell me which class ______ in.A is he he is he12. He is good ______ at English. He always gets high marks in his English tests.A for in atII Match sentence in with sentence in BA B1. What should we do now a. Good idea2. What your favourite pastime? b. I’m sorry. can’t.3. Let’s rehearse the play! c. What about listening to some music?4. Would you like to come for dinner d. like collecting stamps.III Put the verbs in the box in the correct tense or form.1. Jane _________ to some music at the moment.2. he _________ the concert tonight.3. He tries _________ fit by taking exercise every morning.4. Tom is in his room. He _________ model of plane.IV Read this textPeople are living longer so there are more elderly people. Many young people are doing are doing community service. They help elderly people. They do their shopping. They do their housework. They clean their yards. They even paint their house. Some young people work as hospital volunteers. In America, they are called candy stripers” because of the striped pink and white uniform they wear. Other are concern about the environment and work on neighbourhood clean-up campaigns.1. Answer the question a. What do volunteers do to help elderly people?=>b. As well as helping the elderly people, what else they do?=>2. Choose the best answer.a. People are living longer so there are more elderly people. Elderly meansA poor healthy oldb. Others are concern about the environment. Concerned about meansA afraid of interested in bored with3 Complete this sentence .Hospital volunteers wear striped pink and white uniform, so ………………………………………………...- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unit THE WORLD OF WORKI Choose the correct answer.1. Nam likes ______ TV. It’s her favourite pastime. keep, make, listen. attendA watch watches watching2. My father works 30 hours week while my mother works 45 hours week. My mother works ______ hours then my father.A fewer more less3. ______ it interesting to write letters to my pen pal.A find suppose guess4. My pen pal wants to know ______ learn and work.A how we how do how we do5. Easter and the Fourth of July are among ______ important vacations in the United States.A more most the most6. She is going to ______ her 14 th birthday in two days.A celebrate hold organize7. If you don’t hurry you’ll be late ______ school.A for at in8. It you want to get high mark in your exam, you should ______ your lessons for the tests.A rehearse look review9. ______ Lan, Hoa is very good student.A Like Such as As10. Is she ______ student? No. She work very hard.A lazy keen good11. Tom and his friends are now ______ vacation in Da Lat.A for in on12 Many people say that this movie is interesting. ______ don’t like it. Because However BesidesII Rearrange the jumbles words to make sentences.1. 45 Each lasts period for minutes.2. get It me 20 to to minutes takes school.3. We students fewer than vacations have American.4. My five father hours works day.III Fill in each gap with suitable words in the box.1. There are too ______ mistakes in this essay.2. am very busy. work ______ hours than them.3. Spend ______ time playing video games.4. There are ______ tourists this year than last year because their service is not very good.IV Read the text and answer the question Hoa’s father, Mr. Tuan, is farmer. He usually starts work at six in the morning. He has breakfast, then he feedsthe buffalo, pigs and chickens, and collect the eggs. From about nine in the morning until four in the afternoon, Mr. Tuan works in the fields with his brother. They grow some rice, but their main crop is vegetables. From 12 to1 o’clock, Mr. Tuan rest and eats lunch. At four in the afternoon, they come back home. Mr. Tuan feeds the animals again. Then he clean the buffalo shed and the chicken coop. His work usually finishes at six. Four or five times year when there is less work, Mr. Tuan takes day off. He goes to the city with his wife. farmer has no real vacation.1. What time does Mr. Tuan usually start work in the morning?=>2. What does he do after breakfast.=>3. How long does he work in the fields?=> 4. How long does he rest and eat lunch?=>5. How often does he go to the city?=> 6. farmer is nearly busy all the year round. Which sentence tells you this?=>- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unit PLACESI Choose the correct answer.1. In the USA ______ form medicine, drugstore also sells cosmetics.A apart far also2. ______ the first corner on the right then go ahead, You’ll see the store.A Go Take Come3. If you want to go to the post office, ______ the first street on the left. The post office is next to the bank.A go take run4. book cost 8,000 dong. You give the storekeeper ten thousand-dong bill. You get back two-thousand-dog ______ .A change money cost5. How much is the pen? 4000 dong Allright. I’ll______ it.A have pay take6. How much is that ______? That’s 25 sir.A altogether together all together7. Phong wants to send letter to London. He needs to buy some stamps for ______ mail.A local overseas foreign8. I’d like ______ there by train. How long does it take?A to travel travel travelling9. My penpal ______ me about his life in America.A tells says talks10. need ______ dong stamp for local letter.A four hundreds four-hundred- four hundred11. This present is for you, dear. ______ nice!A It What How12. can see the bookstore through the front door. It’s ______ my house.A opposite next to behindII Put the verb in the correct tense or form.1. need ______ stamp for overseas mail. (buy)2. Please tell me how ______ to the stadium. (get)3. Nam is going to the post office. He ______ ______ letter (want send)III The following is what Mai says about the post office near her house. Read and answer the question. There is post office in my neighbourhood. It’s short way from my house. After leaving the house, you just turnright, go ahead and then take the first street. It’s about six meter from the corner. It’s very convenient for me to buy stamps, envelopes, send letters or make phone call. My friends and have PO Box there. Twice week, we go to collect our mail form friends or relatives. Usually, we get all the good new.1. Is the post office far from Mai’s house?=>2. How often does Mai go there?=>3. Why does she go there so often?=>4. What can you do in the post office?=>IV Fill each gap with noun of place.1. You go to the ________ to watch football match.Trên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.