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Exercise 11. enjoy_______ alone.a. be b. being c. to be d. to have been2. Would you like_______ to the party?a. to come b. come c. coming d. to have come3. Do you mind_______ such long way to work everyday?a. to travel b. travel c. to have traveled d. traveling4. don’t like that house. would hate_______ there.a. live b. living c. to lie d. to have lived5. don't like that house. would hate_______ there.a. live b. living c. to live d. to have lived6. Sometimes I'd like_______ to play the piano.a. to learn b. learn c. learning d. to havelearned7. Please remember_______ this letter.a. to post b. post c. posting d. to have posted8. We tried_______ the fire out but we were unsuccessful. We had to callthe fire-brigade.a. putting b. put c. to put d. to have put9. When you see John, remember_______ it by the window and now it hasgone.a. to have given b. giving c. give d. to give10. Someone must have taken my bad. clearly remember_______ it bythe window and now it has gone.a. leave b. leaving c. to leave d. to have left11. Jane needed some money. She tried_______ Harry but he couldn't helpher.a. to have asked b. ask c. to ask d. asking12. think they are now accustomed to _______ 12 hours day.a. work b. to work c. worked d. working13. He tried_______ the shelf but he wasn't tall enough.a. reach b. reaching c. to reach d. to havereached14. Alice didn't expect_______ to Bill's partya. asking b. being asked c. to ask d. to be asked15. finally finished_______ at 7:00 pm and served dinner.a. cooking b. being cooked c. to cook d. to be cooked16. Sam always remembers_______ in the garage so that the driveway infree for other cars.a. parking b. being parked c. to park d. to be parked17. The nurse suggested_______ two aspirins.a. taking b. being taken c. to take d. to be taken18. Would you mind not_______ the radio until I've finished with this phonecall?a. turning on b. being turned on c. to turn on d.to be turned on19. They were fortunate_______ from the fire before the buildingcollapsed.a. rescuing b. to have rescued c. to rescue d.to have been rescued20. The house family avoided_______ by coming out only when the housewas empty and the two cats were outside.a. catching b. being caught c. to have been caught d. to becaughtExercise 21. It's very kind of you_______ so.a. say b. to say c. saying d. to be saying2. Please show me how_______ this.a. do b. to do c. doing d. to have done3. One is never too old_______a. learning b. learn c. to have learned d. to learn4. You are old enough_______ out alone.a. going b. go c. to go d. to have gone5. I'm very glad_______ you.a. to meet b. meet c. meeting d. to be meeting6. It's nice_______ you.a. to know b. know c. knowing d. to be knowing7. You have no right_______ my daughter.a. see b. to see c. seeing d. to have seen8. Please tell me what_______a. doing b. do c. to do d. to have done9. forbid you _______ my letter.a. to read b. read c. to have read d. reading10. We stopped_______ hello to her.a. say b. saying b. to have said d. to say11. We came_______ help her.a. help b. to help c. to have helped d. helping12. I'll invite her_______ my daughter.a. teaching b. teach c. to teach d. to have taught13. don’t feel like_______ to the cinema now.a. go b. going c. to go d. to have gone14. It's no good_______ video games.a. play b. to have played c. to play d.playing15. It's no use_______ with him.a. working b. work c. to work d. to haveworked16. The idea of_______ abroad appeals to me.a. working b. work c. to work d. being working17. The Rogers are happy about_______ baby.a. have b. having c. to have d. to be having18. Camping is hard if you're not used to _______ on the ground.a. be slept b. to be sleeping c. sleeping d. sleeping19. Mrs. Kerry didn’t want_______ ona. to be operated b. being operated c. to operate d.to be operating20. Windows are used to let in light and _______ out cold.a. to keep b. keep c. keeping d. for keepingExercise 31. It isn't worth while_______ her.a. marry b. to marry c. marrying d. to havemarried2. She did nothing but_______a. cry b. to cry c. to have cried d. crying3. He can’t live without_______ here.a. being loved b. to love c. love d. loving4. People are prevented from_______ to the polluted area.a. go b. going c. to go d. to have gone5. Tourists are not allowed _______ in the Temple.a. to talk b. talk c. talking d. being talked6. The teacher doesn't allow_______ dictionaries in the final examination.a. being used b. use c. using d. to use7. Many countries have considered_______ the victims of the tsunami.a. to have helped b. to help c. help d. helping8. The child admitted_______ lie.a. tell b. telling c. to tell d. to be telling9. The president agreed_______ the Agreement.a. to sign b. sign c. signing d. to have signed10. The captain chose_______ with his ship.a. die b. to die c. to have died d. dying11. Vietnam failed_______ Tiger Cup 2004!a. winning b. win c. to win d. to have won12. The child promised_______ his parents.a. being obeyed b. obeying c. obey d. to obey13. Lee was upset by_______ him the truth.a. our not having told b. us not tell c. we didn't telld. not to tell14. Wee considered_______ after work.a. to go shop b. going shopping c. going to shopd. to go to shop15. Jack offered_______ care of my garden while was out of town.a. take b. taking c. to have taken c. to take16. Could you please come over? need you _______ the refrigerator.a. help me moving b. helping me tomovec. to help me move d. help me tomove17. I'll never forget_______ that race. What thrill!a. to win b. win c. being won d. winning18. No one has better qualifications. Carol is certain_______ for the job.a. to choose b. having chosen c. to be chosend. being chosen19. was enjoying my book, but topper_______ program on TV.a. reading to watch b. to read towatchc. to read for watching d. reading for towatch20. Who is the woman talking to Mr. Quinn? don't recall_______ heraround the office before.a. to have seen b. seeing c. to see d. being seenExercise 41. He tried to avoid_______ my question.a. answer b. answering c. to answer d. to haveanswered2. Paula has given up _______ to lose weight.a. try b. trying c. to try d. to have tried3. We can't go on_______ like this.a. living b. live c. to live d. to be living4. Don't keep_______ me while I'm talking.a. interrupt b. to interrupt c. interrupting d. to haveinterrupted5. can't imagine Bill _______ motorbike.a. ride b. riding c. to ride d. to be riding6. Sorry to keep you_______ so long.a. waiting b. wait c. to wait d. to have waited7. She now regrets_______ it.a. say b. having said d. to say d. to have said8. We decided_______ at home.a. to stay b. stay c. staying d. having stayed9. Frank tends_______ too much.a. to have drunk b. drinking c. drink d. to drink10. He doesn't want_______a. to know b. know c. knowing d. to be knowing11. don’t advise anybody_______ in that hotel.a. stay b. to stay c. staying d. to have stayed12. The mother made her child_______ the worda. repeat b. to repeat c. repeating d. to berepeating13. My parents don't let me_______ out alone.a. go b. to go c. going d. to be going14. I'm afraid have some homework_______ today.a. do b. to do c. going d. done15. Have the movers_______ the bedroom furniture first.a. brought in b. to bring in c. bring in d. bringing in16. Do you know what_______ so many people evacuate their homes?a. forced b. made c. caused d. convinced17. Where are the children? "I saw_______ in the yeard".a. them to play b. them playing c. they playing d. to themplaying18. You're been taking lot of nice photographs.a. becoming b. about become c. to become d. aboutbecoming19. Jane's summer vacation in England led to_______ an English man.a. her marry b. her to marry c. her being married d. hermarrying20. We would like_______ to the president's reception, but we weren'ta. having invited b. having been invitedc. to have invited d. to have been invitedExercise 51. can't go because haven't got anything_______a. wear b. to wear c. wearing d. worn2. have nothing_______ you to day.a. tell b. to tell c. telling d. told3. Would you like something_______?a. drink b. to drink c. drinking d. drunk4. Is there any place_______ tonight?a. stayed b. staying c. to stay d. stay5. Have you got any books_______?a. sell b. selling c. sold d. to sell6. often avoid_______ to parties.a. go b. to go c. gone d. going7. They often suggest their_______ out with some friends.a. going b. gone c. go d. to go8. Please pardon my_______ you.a. disturb b. disturbing c. to disturb d. disturbed9. cannot remember_______ him last week.a. meet b. meeting c. to meet d. met10. Susan is interested in _______ bus.a. drive b. driving c. to drive d. driven11. What about_______ for walk?a. going b. gone c. go d. to go12. Have you planned on _______ to Nha Trang this summer?a. go b. to go c. going d. gone13. suggest _______ to the cinema for change.a. go b. to go c. went d. going14. Do you consider_______ our teacher on Friday?a. inviting b. invited c. invited d. to invite15. Would you mind_______ me hand?a. to give b. giving c. give d. given16. The baby continued_______ even after she was picked up.a. being crying b. having cried c. to cry d. having beencrying17. Arthur pretended not_______ hurt when his younger sister bit him.a. having b. be c. to have d. to have been18. We were shocked to hear the news of your_______a. having fired b. having been fired c. to be fired d.to have been fired19. Do you have an excuse_______ late to class two days in row?a. for to be b. for being c. to be d. being20. Jack made me_______ him next week.a. to promise to call b. to promise calling c.promise to call d. promise callingExercise 61. can’t stand_______ her cry.a. to have seen b. to see c. see d. seeing2. Suddenly everybody stopped_______ There was silence.a. talking b. to talk c. talk d. being talked3. I'll go with you when I've finished_______ my homework.a. to have done b. do c. doing d. to do4. _______natural resources is of great importance.a. Preserve b. Preserving c. To have preserved d.Preserved5. We avoid_______ out environment.a. polluting b. to pollute c. pollute polluted6. think they are now accustomed to _______ 12 hours day.a. work b. to work c. worked d. working7. "Why did Mrs. Walker call?" "She wants_______ her load some boxesinto her car"..a. that we help b. us help c. us helping d. us to help8. "How did the prisoner escape?" "By climbing fence and_______someone's car".a. steal b. to steal c. from stealing d. stealing9. "What happened to Julie?" "We saw_______ by bicyclist".a. her hit b. hit her c. her hitting d. being hitting10. "What is this letter about?" "It's in regard_______ at conference nextweek".a. to you speak b. to our speaking c. of ourspeaking d. to you speaking11. "Why are you getting new glasses?" "Because it's difficult_______ thesmall print in the newspaper".a. to read for me b. my reading c. read d. for me to read12. "This cabinet is beautiful. Did you make it yourself?" "No, Ihad_______".a. it built b. built it c. to built it d. it build13. "Don’t take taxi. We insist_______ in our car.a. you to come b. on your coming c. on you comingd. for you to come14. "You've been redecorating your house", "Yes, I'm thinking_______ thisroom white".a. to paint b. to painting c. of paint d. about painting15. "What's wrong with the teacher?" "_______to class late so much hasmade him mad".a. John comes b. John coming c. John's coming d. John to come16. "I can't open this jar of mayonnaise" "_______ Lee to help you".a. Have b. Let c. Ask d. Make17. "Did you paint our house yourself?" "No, had some friends_______me"a. help b. helped b. to help d. to help to18. Photocopiers are used_______ of written text.a. to make copies b. to making copies c. make copiesd. making copies19. "Do you like being married?" "Yes, but I'm not use_______ every night".a. to cook b. to cooking c. cooking d. to havecooked20. "It’s warmer in her now". "Yes, had Karen _______ then window.".a. closed b. closing c. to close d. closeExercise 11c 2a 3d 4c 5b 6a 7a 8c 9d 10b11d 12d 13d 14a 15c 16a 17a 18d 19c 20dExercise 21b 2b 3d 4c 5a 6a 7b 8c 9a 10d11b 12c 13b 14d 15a 16a 17b 18d 19a 20bExercise 31c 2a 3d 4b 5a 6c 7d 8b 9a 10b11c 12d 13a 14b 15d 16c 17d 18c 19a 20bExercise 41b 2b 3a 4c 5b 6a 7b 8a 9d 10a11b 12a 13a 14b 15c 16b 17b 18a 19d 20dExercise 51b 2b 3b 4c 5d 6d 7a 8c 9b 10b11a 12c 13d 14a 15b 16c 17d 18b 19b 20cExercise 61d 2a 3c 4b 5a 6d 7d 8d 9a 10b11d 12a 13b 14d 15c 16c 17a 18a 19b 20d