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Bài viết bằng tiếng anh: Về mẹPerhaps to almost people, mother is the kindest person in theworld. As thought about who had had the greatest impact on my life, thought about my mother. What she teaches meor I've learned from her life and the way she strives to bring us, her children, up make me trong stronger and stronger with independent minds. As for me, she is not only my mother but also ,even, my father and my friend.Like other kind mothers, my mother also teaches me essential things for life. She teaches me to be kind and usefulfor people around. Once she sees beggars, she bows and lift their lives with her helpful hands. She tells me :“ they are piteous people, have pity on them”. Whenever the neighbours get in trouble, my mother is devoted to help them. She always gives her regard to the olders who don’t have children. Every people around us loved and esteen my mother also because of her kindness and careness.My father passed away when was just ten years old, so my mother has replaced my father to bring up my brothers and Iherself. Overcoming many difficulties, she has rised my family, given us best condition to learn. Sometimes saw my mother work so hard that just want to give up my study to help her, but my mother says :” In my life, don’t have muchfortune for you, only wish you become good person”. From my mother, I've learned lot that is necessary for me on my way to become very man. No matter how difficult it is, tenacious, mustn't give up. No matter how hard work, try more.Inspite of being busy in work, my mother usually spends lot of time to talk with me about everything. Her nice habit makes me feel that she was real friend of mine. recall that whenever come home from school, she askes me about my class, my teacher, my friends. She is cherry and happy for get good marks. And when am sad, she isenthusiatic about it and gives me advices. SiceI had new family for my own, we still often shares with each other about how to bring up my children and how to create happy family. Her advices are allways useful for me and they help me so much thing in the life.When am writing these sentences, my mother has deceasedfor few days. It seems to me that she is around here, besides me and my children telling about very kind woman in the legend, their grandma.Trên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.