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Doc24.vn PHƯƠNG THỨC Exercise Mark letter indicate correct answer each following questions. Opera singer Maria Callas known ________, powerful voice. intensity intensify intense intensely Many readers will disagree with selection assessments guide will invevitably ______ subject subjected subjective Subjectivism Politicians___________blame media they don’t election. They’re predictable. variable variety various invariably This very _______! Can’t practise your violin somewhere else? convenient conveniently Inconvenient convenience would like show lastest ________, which have called “Boasts Lake” creativity creator create creation During festival _______ were hanging from every tree. decorator decorations decorative decorativeness offered give ________ machine worked. demonstrator demonstration demonstrate demonstrative Those countries are_______ other countries most their food. dependent independence dependable dependability acted extremely ________ manner, which made very unpopular dictation dictatorial dictate dictatorship hoped _______ agency would find job. employee unemployed employer employment Exercise Mark letter indicate correct answer each following questions. afraid they weren’t very _______ about your idea going this evening. enthusiastically enthusiastic enthusiasm enthusiast student well class; problem with ________ absent absently absence absenteeism information that article ________ inaccurate. historian historial history historically Some people show ______ attitude toward misery others, totally untouched their suffering. passionate dispassionate passion passionately charity organization received large gift from ________. donation donor donate donatedDoc24.vn sick child must stay away from others because _________disease. A.communicate communicable communicator communication technician applying position asked supply _______ list former places employment. chronological chronologically chronologist chronology understand what these results ______. significant sgnify significance significantly They said illness ________. Don’t they realize pain? immagianry imagination imagine imaginative much less _______student than sister. industrial industrious industrialist industrialized Exercise Mark letter indicate correct answer each following questions. very _______of notice that. observant observatory observation observe There ________ carrots because weather. shortly shorten shortage short factory manager _________ that employees left disgust dictator dictatorial dictatorship dictate Their failure _______ their lack interest indicate indicator indication indicative company _______ made tremendous amount money. progress progressive progression progressively _____ account given witness convinced jury plaintiff’s right settlement. description desciribing desciptive describe drove five miles hour because _______ poor. visible visual view visibility They handled merchandise _______ manufacturer. exclude exclusion exclusive exclusively done _______, were extremely displeased. incompetence incompetency competence incompetently “Since goal seems ________, believe should begin once,” argued. achievements achieve achievable achieving Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions.Doc24.vn seemed always speak ________, especially club meeting. controversy controversial Controversially controvert When automobile salesman described _______, became very uneasy about buying ambiguity ambiguousness ambiguous ambiguously under hard- working ________. energy energize energizing energetic. Phil sentenced three years’ ______ part robbery. prisoner imprison imprisonment prison Julia being kept isolation ward because highly ________. infectious infection infected infecting Pikes live four- bedroomed bungalow very nice ________ area. residing resident residence residential Don’t David charge arranging theatre trip; he’s _________. organized disorganized unorganized inorganized. rhinoceros, whose numbers have dropped alarmingly recently, been declared a/an ______ species. danger endanger endangered dangerous. David’s compositions full mistakes they very ______. imaginative imaginary imagination imaginable Sicentists always _______ their idea before writing results their research. analyse analysis analyses Analyst Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions. professor _______ said should turn assignment Friday. specific soecifically specifying specifyingly Students gain _______ benefits form learning work together. considerate considering consideration considerable ______ dressed woman advertisement posed smile face. stylish stylishly stylistic stylistically Most people ______ clearly between real stimulated smile. differ different difference differentiate Many citizens they _______ political policies candidates local election. ignoring ignorant ignorantly ingnorance Although professor gave ________ directions research paper, still confused. define definite definitely definitionDoc24.vn currently researching reasons birds _____ water. migrate migrating migrant migration During Industrial Revoilution, there complete _______ society urban areas. transforming transformer transformation transformable It’s very depressed area almost young adults _______. employed unemployed employment unemployment don’t know caused much ________ embarrass embarrassed embarrassing embarrassment CHỌN Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions. “How your exam?” couple questions were tricky, _____ pretty easy.” spot B.general hand whole practice regularly, learn thia language skill short _______ time. period aspect arrangement activity Students _______ information just taking active part class. concern install appear memorize years ago, fire _____ much overcrowed part city. battled devastated mopped developed have learned about value labour form _______ home. credit ebergy chores plants Although tried hide ______that Peter didn’t like birthday present. foolish basic obvious vigorous Environemental groups stop farmers from using harmful ________ their crops. economy agriculate investments chemicals ______ much study, will tired stressed. concentrate develop organize complain Good heath methods study very necessary, _______ success college. avaible dependable essential efficicient order _______ their goals college, students need invest maximum amount time, money, energy their studies. manage catch establish achieve Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions. Parents have great hopes great ______ when they send their children school.Doc24.vn wishes obligations ecpectations plans ever takes notices what say. They never give ______ what say. reply opinion attention support. changed much that didn’t _______ right away. admit recognize know believe After graduation, found _______ with local finance company. career workplace service employment Educatnion Britain improved since government started programme educational _______ reform resources experience system group leader wanted that everyone worked together; asked everyone’s _______. combination responsibility competion copperation With hard work study, ______ goals yourself. establish succeed achieve increase David never wastes time; tries improve himself every _______. technique opportunity consideration operation students school free ______ youth club they wish. perform become join participate ________, always been become movie director. wants very much achieve direction ambition business study Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions. negative violence television negative _______ children. damage programme process effect mother ______ anvironmental group. helps raise money protect wildlife indentifies encourages shares volunteers Students _______ information just attending claas taking good notes lectures. absorb provide transmit read Some people _______ that learn more travelling place than reading about They firmly that true. require encourage insist offer Electric cars better environment. ________, they save money gas. brief conclusion constrast addition Overpopulation tends create conditions which result ____ food developing countries supplies surpluses shortages D.failuresDoc24.vn Because intensive farming, it’s hard find certain wild birds region. Actually, have become _______ birds. unknown fightened hungry rare While some areas suffering from _______, others experiencing heavy rains floods. weather climate drought problems will certainly enhances your ________ reading when aware very slight differences writer’s expression. condition recommendation material enjoyment nurse must ________ patients’ needs; must understand what they need, helpful kind them. sensitive elegant aware likeable Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions. area _________ wildlife; there lots animals, birds, fish, insects living there. abundance impression entertainment organization should read this novel. been ________ recommended critics. deeply fully highly truly True learning does _______ gathering facts from teachers; requires active assimilation knowledge. achieve consist depend come There should against ________. violent family fight households violent domestics domestic violence documentary _________ that many viewers cried. moody touching touchy moved ________ patience, noone beat Martha. front spite terms Regardless manager hotel always puts _________ service quality. pressure great stress stressed stressful Human carlessness been _______damaging marine life. warned against said prevented acused During flood, many local people food starved ________ dying death dead saying that “Problems don’t come _______,” means that problems happen same time. soon once single singly Exericse Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions.Doc24.vn fairy tales, witches often cast spell ________. innocent innovative innovation initative assistant manager going present complete report ________situation company. funded finacial financing finance environmental impact tourism shocking upsetting, many governments think _______. negative comprehensive acceptable recent decades, greater cultural ________ been encouraged tourism. contract relation touch details majority people agree that modern drugs most effective cure (n)________. treatment symptom illness sicken government should take _______ reduce current high unemployment rate. solutions charge measures steps Janet travel job. _______ time. field mood Many companies advertise their products distributing free ______ public places. deals exmaples instances samples While there been significant _____ sales figures, there been corresponding profit growth because increased production cosrs. addition form boost encouragement There doubt that recent statements ________ company’s true financial position were misleading referring dealing concerning respecting Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions Before choosing job, should take into consideration several_______ including supply demand professionals particular field. turns factors ramarks sides Business Advisory Council been specially designed those ________ advice about setting businesses. absence duty want need city ________ young consumers sensitve trends, can, therefore, help industries predict potential risks success products. high rate high proportion high tendency great level Don’t ________ conclusions, don’t know relevant facts. hurry jump rush wonder could _______ small favour, Tom? bring make give doDoc24.vn Sicientists warn that many world’s great cities _______ flooding. being risk danger endangered boy’s strange behavior aroused ______ shop assistant. thought consideration exectations suspicions young should _____themselves social activities. determine serve involve promote. know from ________that everything will right. conscience experience wisdom care Your second essay ______improvement first one. showed made cast presented Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions. Women’s World _______ popularity. competing establishing advancing growing class team four ______ football matches. successful B.unsuccessful success successive interviewed number candidates buit none them _______ enlivened encouraged delighted mpressed. ___________ British univerities depends examnation results. Admission Admittance Permission Permit prefer _______jobs because don’t like keep moving changing time. demanding challenging tough secure investment _______ development project. results progress interruptions effects China, there still ____ families sharing same house. extent extension extended extensive deadline coming, still have _______ problems. unsolving dissolved insolved solving recievec medal _________ bravery. turns response favour reward left country _______ arrest retured. fear that with fear under threat with threat Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions.Doc24.vn Governments have ______ laws protect wildlife from commercial trade overhunting. practiced acted enacted observed chosen post because keenness ____ responsibility. sense meaning from brother rarely ________ responsibilities family, which makes father really angry. gets takes receives puts mothet always _____ that leave home school with breakfast. ensures herself checks again takes certain makes sure shop assistant ready ______ helping hand. very nice. offer take C.get lend Many people realize that they causing disasters _______ themselves. with about Forests over world being _____ into deserts. switched turned sent transferred Many countries have built _____ carry water desert areas. rivers channels canals lakes People living that area ______ threat _______ lead poisoning. with- under- Maps made with help _____ photography. B.aeronautics acrial areoplane Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions. dunes Simpsion Desert have gently _____ western faces _______ eastern faces. sloping steep downward upward shallow- deep low- high great stretches sandy desert almost ________ centre Australia. round circle hold keep Spinifex grows slopes dunes, which metres _____. high height high tall Hummock grasses grow ______ sand crest, slope. loose lost lose loosened. nice apartment, ________ decided rent right away because newborn baby neither walk crawl. newborn antelope, _______can with minutes birth. however B.so otherwise eventhoughDoc24.vn Endangered animals should well protected their natural _____. position condition habitat status government _________ different measures protect wildlife made listed done taken conservation efforts development wildlife ______. conserves reserves reservoirs reverses Commercial exploration driven many species ________ extinction. verge bank limit edge Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions. biggest company local area ______ verge bankruptcy Congress ____ laws protect wildlife from commercial trade overhunting. impled carried acted passed book interesting that hardly _______ it_____. get- down pick- put- down put- down Books wonderful _________ knowledge. source resource flow provision just enough time _______ report before meeting turn around into through into book______ quite well during first months. been solved sold sold sells water polo game tied, there _____periods three minutes each. overdue overlong overwork overtime player ejected after committing five personal _____. mistakes faults fouls errors Sports competitions held ______ cooperation solidarity among countries. grow upgrade spring D.promote have made careful preparations welcome ______ from countries. acquaintances attendants delegates hosts Exercise Mark letter inducate correct answer each following questions. footballers often sing national _______ beginning match. version lyrics anthem composition