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Exercise 1. If Lucia had been here now, she would find out the truth about her uncle’s accident. 2. If student takes course on Computer Science, it will take him four years doing the course.3. Unless it did not rain Peter would pay us visit 4. If had known you were in financial difficulty, would have helped you. 5. If had knew the time when the match started, would have told you. 6. If she had finished the work she can go home 7. If had spoken more confident at the interview, they would have offered me the job. 8. If we had had map, we would not be lost yesterday. 9. Had known Alice’s address, would write to her 10. If had realized that the traffic lights were red, would stop 11. If had you sent the application form to that company you would have been offered job. 12. He spends money carelessly as if he was millionaire. 13. Unless you work harder, you will be sack because of your laziness 14. Unless there had been the heavy storm, the climbers will not have died. 15. She has found that nobody can help her if she did not try her best to do it herself. Exercise 1. If we will reduce the speed of population growth there will be less pressure on the earth. 2. Unless we leave bowl of water under the sun, it will evaporate. 3. If we continue to use fuels at the current rate, we would soon have to face fuel crisis. 4. If am 10 centimeters taller would play basketball. 5. If the doctors could find in the remedy, lot of people would be saved. 6. If she bought that house now she ran out of money. 7. What you would do if you could speak French well 8. If had known he is not at home, wouldn’t have gone all the way to his house. 9. If had known that the road were flooded would never have taken that way.10. If were you, will go to the dentist’s and have the tooth checked