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I. PHONETICS: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.1 A. me B. fl me C. D. me2. A. ou nt B. ou nd C. ou nd D. sh ou ld3. A. oo B. oo C. oo D. sp oo n4. A. th ink B. th ere C. th eme D. th umb5. A. ai B. ai C. ai D. pl teChoose the word whose stress is different.6. A. reality B. opening C. deter D. lapel7. A. power B. character C. balloon D. unification8. A. present B. behavior C. psychologist D. enjoyable9. A. display B. intention C. basic D. unless10. A. criminal B. unbeatable C. succeed D. defineII: VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR Part A: Choose the best answer to complete each sentence below. 1. _______the cave was found, millions of visitors from many countries have come to look at its beauty. A. When B. Since C. While D. Unless2. This is the stone bed _______the king had lain before he died in the 14 th century. A. however B. of which C. wherever D. where3. It’s so long since last saw him that almost failed to_______ him. A. recognize B. receive C. approve D. accept4. The coal and steel industries are among the productions_______ by the government. A. control B. to control C. controlling D. controlled5. His play made tremendous_______ on audience. A. result B. affect C. impact D. collision6. Unmarried middle-aged ladies usually dislike being called _______.although it is technically the correct word to use. A. old maids B. spinsters C. maidens D. bachelors7. She’s so _______in doing her research that she never has time to relax. A. involved B. included C. complicated D. approved8. apologize. shouldn’t_______ my temper. A. have made B. have lost C. have showed D. have given9. When you are in western country, your host may open wrapped gift in front of you. Opening presentin front of the gift-giver is _______ polite.A. acquired B. considered C. known D. called10. Even if the host doesn’t like present, he or she will tell “white lie” and say _______ they like the gift to prevent the guest from feeling bad.A. how often B. what C. for what D. how much11. _______ the low rainfall this year, the crops did not produce high yield.A. Since B. Despite C. Due to D. Because12. The color of your shirt does not _______ that of your trousers.A. suit B. fit C. harmonize D. match13. Many people love routine jobs which promise _______. A. security B. sanguineness C. vacancy D. registration14. An employer may look with_______ on young college graduate.A. suspect B. suspicion C. suspicious D. suspiciously15. Expressing one’s _______is one skill that the school can really teach.A. thinking B. thoughts C. thoughtfulness D. thoughtlessness16. As model, you have to _______ the art of walking in high heels.A. master B. grasp C. study D. gain17. An accident in the power station may result in large _______ of radiation being released.A. numbers B. number C. amount D. amounts18. They are bring in _______changes to the way the office is run.A. large B. radical C. deep D. immense19. Some people feel that television should give less _______ to sport.A. programmes B. coverage C. concern D. involvement120. If you can’t find what you want in this chapter, look it up in the _______.A. reference B. index C. catalogue D. directory21. People believe there is _______between the two crimes. A. joint B. chain C. link D. connector22. can’t tell Peter and Paul apart; they are _______twin.A. similar B. alike C. resemblance D. identical23. You are not allowed to drive _______the influence _______ alcohol.A. under/of B. in/of C. under/by D. by/in24. She was overwhelmed with honor _______ recognition _______ her bravery.A. with/of B. on/in C. by/about D. in/of25. _______exception _______ the little baby, everybody in my family has to jog every morning.A. With/to B. With/of C. In/of D. By/on26. The staff can’t take leaves at the same time. They have to take holidays _______rotation.A. on B. under C. by D. in27. The interviewees are supposed to give their answers to the job offers _______.A. on the spot B. all in all C. beyond the joke D. with in reach 28. The children often make _______ of Charles, which annoys his parents very much.A. allowance B. fun C. way D. consideration29. She’s dancer, so I’ll buy pair of _______ shoes for her birthday.A. dances B. dancer's C. dance D. dancing30. If you _______ to Paris tomorrow, please telephone me first.A. were going B. are going C. will go D. had been going31. don't mind how you deal with the problem. It's _______ you. down on in at up to over by32. Have you seen the place _______the graduation ceremony will be held in? A. in that B. where C. is where that D. which33. My uncle was _______ ill last summer but fortunately, he is now making slow but steady recovery.A. critically B. deeply C. fatally D. seriously34. In the past, most people believed that the world’s resources could never be used_______,A. up B. all C. whole D. at all35. I’d like invite him to _______ dinner next week, it that’s OK with you.A. B. C. an D. the36. Her mother told her not to be too _______and advised her to try to do things herself.A. dependable B. depending C. dependent D. independent37. Give me your telephone number _______I need your help. A. in case B. so that C. unless D. whether38. The question was easy enough, but _______students could answer it.A. little B. few C. few D. great number of39. If it’s raining tomorrow, we shall have to _______ the match till SundayA. put off B. cancel C. play D. put away40. can’t remember if saw that film on television or at _______ cinema.A. B. an C. the D. XPart B: Use the word in capitals at the end of these sentences to form word that fits in the blank space. 1. How much does _______ of this club cost? (MEMBER)2. She is extremely _______ about the history of art. (KNOW)3. Traveling in big cities is becoming more and more _______ every day. (TROUBLE)4. He is completely_______! Not only is he lazy but he is dishonest too. (EMPLOY)5. His boss told him off because he had behaved_______. (RESPONSIBLE)6. He won the discus event at the Olympic Games but was later _______ when medical check proved thathe had been taking drugs. (QUALIFY)7. Women who are slimming can never enjoy meal without being afraid of _______ their diet. (ORGANISE)8. The trouble with Mr. Brown is that he’s so_______ One minute he goes mad when you come late; the nexthe says nothing. You never know where you are! (CONSIST)9. It is forbidden to hunt for that kind of bird. It has been listed as one of the _______ species .(DANGER)210. didn’t know who it was with mask on she was completely_______ (RECOGNIZE) Part C: Choose the correct tense of the verb to complete the following passage Thieves (1)_______ (break) into the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Holland many times. The museum(2)_______ (be) treasure house of the artist Vincent Van Gogh's paintings. His works (3)_______ (sell) atrecord prices in recent years. year ago Japanese company (4)_______ (buy) Van Gogh's Portrait of DoctorCachet for US$ 82.5 million. His world famous "Sunflower" (5)_______ (just sell) for skyrocketing price aswell. Yet, during his short tragic life, the passionate and visionary artist only manages to sell one of hispaintings.The surprising prices paid for his works (6)_______ (attract) art thieves. There (7)_______ (be) fourmajor thefts so far, twenty paintings, worth hundreds of million of dollars (8)_______ (steal). Fortunately,they (9)_______ (recover) from the thieves’ getaway car. It seemed that the two thieves (10)_______ (leave)their getaway car near railway station on the eastern outskirts of Amsterdam.1. A. have been breaking B. had broken C. broke D. was breaking2. A. was B. is C. has been D. had been3. A. have been sold B. have sold C. were sold D. sold4. A. buys B. had bought C. bought D. has bought5. A. just sold B. has just sold C. was just sold D. has just been sold6. D. have attracted B. attracted C. were attracted have been attracted7. A. had been B. were C. would be D. have been8. A. had stolen B. had been stolen C. stole D. was stolen9. A. recovered B. have recorded C. have been recorded D. were recovered10. A. had left B. have left C. left D. would leavePart D: Find the mistakes in each line in the passage below and then correct them. The number (0) is an exampleThe world’s oceans are so vastly that they can cope with the present levels (0) vastly vastof pollution. However, few is known about the long-term effects of (1) _______such slow poisoning. The more serious problem of modern times is that (2) _______man is destroyed the earth’s natural resources and transforming huge area (3) _______into wasteland. As the result, it is becoming extremely difficult to grow (4) _______enough to feed the world rapid increase population. way of protecting (5) _______all the wildlife in the earth must also be found as many species are extreme (6) _______danger of disappearance complete from the face of the earth. The dangers, (7) _______however, are not confined solely the land and sea. The smoke in (8) _______the atmosphere, for example, is increasing so many that the amount of (9) _______sunlight has been educed in many cities. Man’s whole environment is (10) _______being changed in serious way.PART III READING Part A: Read the following passage and decide whether the statements true (T) or (false) GLOBAL CALL COMMUNICATIONSGlobalcall Communications has grown from telecommunications solutions provider for local businessesin the greater Seattle metropolitan area to truly global corporation providing telecommunications solutionsfor clients both large and small. Established to fill significant market gap for simple communicationsolutions, the company first expanded to most major North American cities before becoming majormultinational player.Presently, the company is extending operations to include voice over IP, as well as high-speed cableInternet access. Globalcall Communications' team includes more than 40,000 specialists worldwide in morethan 20 countries on three continents. Next year will see the deployment of third generation wirelesscommunications network in Asian countries.The future looks bright for Globalcall Communications. By 2005 the company will be servicing more than15 million households and businesses globally. Global call Communications will have become householdword. We look forward to serving clients and are planning to do everything in our power to make sure thatyour communication future is unlimited and simple.TRUE OR FALSE1. The company began by offering computer software solutions to local businesses in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. 2. The company was founded on an approach to providing simple communication solutions. 3. The company is expanding operations at the moment. 34. Worldwide communications employs more than 40,000 specialists. 5. The company expects to be servicing more than 50 million customers worldwide by 2005. Part B: Read the passage below then pick out ONE best option A,B,C or in each questionMost educational specialists believe that early schooling should provide children with an awareness oftheir own abilities and the self-confidence to use their abilities. One approach recognized by many experts aspromoting these qualities is the Montessori Method, first practiced by Maria Montessori of Italy in the early1900s. Nancy McCormick Ram Busch is credited with popularizing the method in the United States, wheretoday there are over 400 Montessori schools.The method helps children learn for themselves by providing them with instructional materials and tasksthat facilitate acts of discovery and manipulation. Through such exploration, children develop their sense oftouch and learn how to do everyday tasks without adult assistance. Other benefits include improvement inlanguage skills, and acquaintance with elements of science, music, and art.1. What is the main purpose of this passage?A. To explain the role of early education in child developmentB. To describe the development of the Montessori MethodC. To discuss the life and work of Maria MontessoriD. To demonstrate how children learn social and cultural values2. According to the passage, who was first responsible for spreading the Montessori method in the USA?A. Nancy McCormick Ram Busch B. prominent educational expertC. Maria Montessori D. An administrator in the Department of Education3. Which of the following is not mentioned as benefit of the Montessori method?A. Development of tactile senses B. Improvement of language abilityC. Capacity to perform adult tasks D. Knowledge of arts and sciences4. The author of this passage probably feels that Montessori method ______.A. has little long-lasting benefit for children B. will lose its popularity in the United States.C. does not accomplish what it claims to achieve D. is an effective means of child education5. The following paragraph most likely discusses _______.A. another education approach beneficial to children B. details on the life of Maria MontessoriC. additional practitioners of the Montessori method D. elements of science, music, and art.Part C: Choose the most suitable one to complete each of the numbered gaps in the passage below. KEEPING YOUR DISTANCEPersonal space is term that refers (1) _______ the distance we like to keep between ourselves and otherpeople. When (2) _______we do not know well gets too close we usually begin to feel uncomfortable. If abusiness colleague comes close than 1.2 meters, the (3) _______ common response is to move (4) _______Some interesting (5) _______ have been done in libraries. If strangers come too close, many people get upand leave the building; others use different methods such as turning their back on the intruder. Living in citieshas (6) _______ people develop new skills for dealing with situations (7) _______ they are very close tostrangers. (8) _______ people on crowded trains try not to look at strangers; they avoid skin contact, andapologize if hands touch by mistake. People use newspapers (9) _______ barrier between themselves andother people, and if they do not have one, they stare into the distance, (10) _______ sure they are not lookinginto anyone’s eyes.1. A. from B. to C. for D. about2. A. anyone B. nobody C. people D. someone3. A. most B. best C. more D. first4. A. on B. in C. up D. away5. A. research B. studies C. survey D. questionnaires6. A. done B. caused C. made D. allowed7. A. that B. where C. which D. how8. A. Most of B. The most C. Almost D. Most9. A. like B. as C. alike D. such as10. A. making B. make C. be D. madePart D: The paragraphs of the magazine article are in the wrong order. Rearrange them.A. On the ghost of Chaffin’s second visit to his son, he told him that he would find will in the overcoatpocket. The coat was actually in the possession of the third brother. 4B. In 1921, certain James Chaffin died, leaving his entire fortune to his third son, Marshal, in will whichhad been written full fifteen years earlier, in 1905, and signed in front of witnesses. His wife and two othersons were virtually cut off without penny. Marshal was not inclined to split up the inheritance he had comeinto any more fairly. C. Once it was found, they came across note sewn in the lining of one of the pockets saying they shouldlook in an old family Bible. This Bible was found in the keeping of Chaffin’s widow and examined in front ofindependent witnesses. Sure enough, there in the Bible they discovered later version of the will, one whichdivided the property and money evenly between the widow and the three sons. The will appeared to begenuine and Marshal was not prepared to challenge it in court.D. Some people believe that the dead still keep in touch with us through our dreams. One of the most famousand extraordinary cases of contact with the dead was the so-called Chaffin Will affair. E. Four years went by and then, strangely, James Chaffin’s ghost started to appear before one of his other twosons. The apparition had on an old overcoat which had often worn in life. PART IV: WRITING Part A: For each of the sentences below, write new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original one, but using the word given. This word must not be altered in any way Example (0) There was no conclusion at the end of the workshop. They did not conclude anything at the end of the workshop .1. Immediately after his appointment to the post, the new editor fell ill. Scarcely 2. left without saying goodbye as didn’t want to disturb the meeting. Rather ...............3. The value of sterling has fallen considerably in the past week. There has .....................4. The only reason the party was success was that famous film star attended. Had it not 5. Harriet was upset because she saw Peter with another woman. It was 6. We regret to inform you that your application has not been successful. Much to 7. People no longer smoke so many cigarettes as they used to. The ..................................8. Their relationship was doomed because of their incompatibility. Had ...........................9. You should admit that you are to blame, not to conceal it. I’d rather .............................10. If she had been less determined she wouldn’t have been able to get better so quickly. It was her Part Study the graphs below. Write short description on the birthrates of some countries. Give your comments. (in about 120 150 words)Part C: What do you think about the environment pollution nowadays? In your opinions, what can be done to prevent pollution in our country? Write about 200 250 words stating your opinion 5Comparison on birthrates in some countries(Per thousand)051015202530Birthrates Per ThousandBirthrates in Sweden Birthrates in AustraliaBirthrates in China Birthrates in VietNam1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 YearH NG CH MÔN ANH VĂNƯỚ ẤKỲ THI SINH GI 12 THPTỌ Ớ1 10 APH II NG VÀ NG PHÁPẦ 7.0 đi mể Part Ch thông tin, hoàn ch nh câu 4.0 đi m, câu ch đúng 0.1 đọ ọ1. 2. 3. 4. 5. C6. 7. 8. 9. 10. D11. 12. 13. 14. 15. B16. 17. 18. 19. 20. B21. 22. 23. 24. 25. B26. 27. 28. 29. 30. B31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. Part B: hình th đúng 1.0 điêm, câu đúng: 0.1 đư ỗ1. membership2. knowledgeable3. troublesome4. unemployable5. irresponsibly 6. disqualified7. disorganising8. inconsistent9. endangered10. unrecognisable Part C: Ch thì đúng cho các ng trong ngo c, hoàn ch nh đo văn: đi câu đúng: 0.1 đọ ỗ1. A. have been breaking2. B. is3. A. have been sold4. C. bought5. D. has just been sold6. D. have attracted7. A. had been8. B. had been stolen9. D. were recovered10. C. leftPart 1. few little2. more more3 destroying destroyed4 the a5. rapid rapidly6 in on7. complete completely8. sea the sea9. many muchPH III HI UẦ 4.0 đi mểPart bài văn, tr đúng ho sai đi m, câu ch đúng: 0.2đọ ọ1. True 2. False 3. False 4. False 5. TruePart Ch câu tr đúng: đi m, câu tr đúng: 0.2 ờ1.b 2.a 3.c 4.d 5.aPart Ch thích p, hoàn thành đo văn: đi m, câu ch đúng: 0.1đọ ọ1. 2. 3. 4. 5. b6. 7. 8. 9. 10. aPart các đo theo tr đúng 1đi m, câu ch đúng: 0.2đắ ọ1. 2. 3. 4. 5. C6PH IV: VI TẦ 6.0 đi mểPart Vi chuy câu, dùng cho n: 1.0 đi m, câu vi đúng: 0.1 đế ế1. Scarcely had he been appointed to the post when the new editor fell ill.2. Rather than disturb the meeting, left without saying goodbye.3. There has been considerable fall in the value of sterling in the past week.4. Had it not been for the attendance of famous film star the party would not have been success.5. It was because she saw Peter with another woman that Harriet was upset that upset Harriet.6. Much to our regret we have to inform you that your application has not been successful.7. The smoking of cigarettes is no longer as popular as it used to be.8. Had they not been incompatible, their relationship might not have been doomed.9. I’d rather you admitted that you’re to blame, and didn’t try to conceal it.10. It was her determination which enabled her to get better so quickly.Part B: và gi thích th minh sinh c: 2.0 đi mọ ướ ể ngưở 1.0 đi ể- di các di ti tăng gi ng ng bi di theo các th ượ ườ ờgian.- Nêu nh xét và ki cá nhân sau khi xem bi so kia, sinh ượ ướ ởVi Nam là cao và gi ch m.)ệ ậChúng ta ph làm gì thu vi tỹ 1.0 đi m.ể Ph trình bày hình th nh xét, lý lu n. Câu văn vi ch c, tả ướ nhiên đúng ng pháp, dùng phong phú chính xác. ừPart C: 3.0 đi ể------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------