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1. Up to now, the teacher give ). .. our class tests.2. Long ago, my younger brother often cry ). .. 3. David be .. born after his father die ). ... 4. When be .. child, want ). .. tobe doctor5. Please be quiet! work .. 6. Mary come .. from London7. Sometimes get .. up before the sun rise )8. I’m preparing to support anything he say .. .tomorrow9. At p.m yesterday? Well, work .. in my officeat that time10. The audience listen .. to everything he saidlast night11. She ask .. me to tell about him several times12. Mr Jackson paint .. his house since last month13. When came in, they all sit .. round the fire. MrPike do .. crossword puzzle.14. Yesterday thieves break .. into the house and( steal .. lot of fur coats while the guests( dance .. 15. He do .. his homework before he went to thecinema16. How long you wait .. for me? Just fewminutes.17. What you do .. after you go .. .home yesterday?18. He often say .. OK when he talk ... with the guests19. Tom not come .. here tomorrow20. Trees plant .. since it stop .. .raining21. Listen! The bird sing .. 22. The house build .. .2 years ago23. Someone cut .. down all the trees in thegarden24. Mr Pike live .. here since last October25. John watch .. TV at last evening26. Some animals not eat .. during winter27. Why didn’t you listen while speak .. to you?28. Be quiet! The teacher be .. angry29. Hurry up! The train come ). .. 30. speak .. to you about that matter after themeeting tonight31. Where are you I’m upstairs. have .. bath32. We not receive .. any letters from him since he( leave .. four months ago33. How long you study .. in this school?34. Dick start .. school before he( be .. seven35. He’ll leave as soon as he hear .. the news 36. It rain .. when we arrived37. We not see .. them for long time 38. He felt asleep while he do .. his homework39. When your father die ). .. not know .. when he die .. 40. Up to then never see .. such fat man.41. What you do .. when ring .. .you last night?42. The dog wag .. his tail whenever he( see) .. me.43. People speak .. English in most of Canada.44. John drive .. that car ever since know .. .. him.45. Mr Clark be .. in New York months ago. MrRossi be .. in New York until months ago.46. Don’t call me in the afternoon. usually be .. .away in the afternoon.47. Last month be .. in the hospital for 10 days.48. The Browns live .. in Paris for years when thesecond World War break .. out.49. Someone steal .. my handbag on the bus50. My friend thank .. me for what had done forhim51. Yesterday the police report .. that they( capture .. the thief52. Columbus discover .. America more than 400years ago53. When the teacher came in, the pupils play .. .games54. You speak .. to Mrs Baker yesterday? No, not see .. her for long time. not can .. remember when last see .. .. her.55. He leave .. home weeks ago and we nothear .. from him since then.56. Miss Lee often write .. when she was onholiday.57. Tom study .. chemistry for years and then hegave it up.58. My brother join .. the army when he( be .. young59. You receive .. any letters from your parentsyet?60. How long Bob and Mary be .. married?61. My teacher wasn’t at home when arrive .. He( just go .. out.62. My father not smoke .. for years 63. lose .. my key. Can you help me look for it?64. Birds build .. their nests in the summer and( fly .. to the south in winter65. I’m busy at the moment. redecorate .. thesitting room.66. always buy .. lottery tickets but never win ). .. anything.67. work .. for him for 10 years and he neveronce say .. “good morning” to me 68. teach .. hundreds of students but never( meet .. such hopeless69. This time next month sit .. on beach.70. You feel .. better when you’ve had meal71. I’m sure that recognize .. him.72. He lose .. his job last month and since then he( be .. out of work.73. see .. car accident while wait ... for you on this corner yesterday.74. Mr Jone be .. principal of out school since lastyear75. Violets bloom .. in Spring76. We not live .. in England for years now.77. never forget .. what you just tell ... me.78. They prepare .. the Christmas dinner at themoment.79. When last stay .. in Cairo, I( ride .. to the Pyramids on camel that my friend( borrow .. the day before.80. Geoge work .. at the university so far.81. see that Tom write .. his composition82. He says that he look .. for job next week83. They think he be .. here last night.84. He tells us that he be .. to the mountainsbefore.85. He wants to do it before his father come .. 86. The student who answered the question be .. .John.87. This is the house that Jack build .. years ago.88. Mary have .. dinner when her friend called.89. I’ll wait until he finish .. his novel90. When you come .. back, he already buy .. .. new house91. Don’t come until finish .. lunch92. hope .. it stop .. raining by 5o’clock this afternoon93. The river not begin .. to swell until some rain( fall ). .. 94. By next month leave .. for India.95. The film end .. by the time we( get .. there96. They build .. house by june next year97. give .. her your letter when see ... her tomorrow.98. Shut all the windows befoere you go .. out99. He is saving his money so that he take .. longvacation100. had done what be .. necessary