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EXERCISES ON PASSIVE VOICE1.Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.1 The boy_____ by the teacher yesterday.A. punish B. Punished C. Punishing D. was punished2 Today, many serious childhood diseases _____ by early immunization.A. are preventing B. can prevent C. prevent D. can be prevented3 They had boy _______ that yesterday.A. done B. to do C. did D. do We get our mail ______ yesterday.A. been delivered B. delivered C. delivering D. to deliver My wedding ring ______ yellow and white gold. A. is made B. is making C. made D. make6 If your brother _______ he would come. A. invited B. were invited C. were inviting D. invite7 Mr. Wilson is _______ as Willie to his friend.A. known B. knew C. is known D. know8 References _____ in the examination room.A. not are used B. is not used C. didn’t used D. are not used Laura ______ in Boston. A. are born B. were born C. was born D. born10 His car needs ________. A. be fixed B. fixing C. to be fixing D. fixed11 Her watch needs _______ A. repairing B. to be repaired C. repaired D. and B12 My mother is going _____ this house. A. sold B. sell C. to be sold D. to sell13 There’s somebody behind us. think we are _______.A. being followed B. are followed C. follow D. following14 Have you _____ by dog? A. bite B. bit C. ever been bitten D. ever been bit15 The room is being _____ at the moment. A. was cleaned B. cleaned C. cleaning D. clean16 It _____ that the strike will end soon. A. is expected B. expected C. are expected D. was expected17 It is _____ that many people are homeless after the floods.A. was reported B. reports C. reported D. reporting18 He was said _____ this building. A. designing B. to have designed C. to designs D. designed19 Ted ______ by bee while he was sitting in the garden.A. got sting B. got stung C. get stung D. gets stung20 These tennis courts don’t _____ very often. Not many people want to play.A. got used B. used C. get used D. get use21 I’ll get Minh _____ do this for you. A. do B. done C. did D. to do 22 “What beautiful dress you are wearing”­ “thanks, it_____ especially for me by French tailor.”A. is made B. has made C. made D. was made23 The telephones _________ by Alexander Graham Bell .A. is invented B. is inventing C. invented D. was invented24 Lots of houses _________ by the earthquake .A. are destroying B. destroyed C. were destroyed D. is destroyed25 Gold _________ in California in the 19 th century .A. was discovered B. has been discovered C. was discover D. they discover2. Supply the correct tense and voice.1/ Everyone (shock) …............................ by the news yesterday.2/ Almost everyone (enjoy)…...................... the lecture last night.3/ English (speak) _________ all over the world.4/ terrible accident (happen) _________ right here at o’clock last night.5/ Mr. Smith (teach) _________ at this university since 1985.6/ Not much (say) _________ about the matter since last week.7/ He (borrow) _________ the money from her two weeks ago.8/ new textbook (publish) _________ by that company next year.9/ Everything (go) _________ well so far. There (be) _________ no trouble yet.10/ Who the book (write) _________ by ?11/ The report (examine) _________ now.3.Change into passive voice:1. They can’t make tea with cold water.2. Somebody has taken some of my books away.3. We are not playing football. 4. They will hold the meeting before May Day.5. They have to repair the engine of the car.6. The boys broke the window and took away some pictures.7. They may use this room for the classroom. 8. Is she preparing party 9. The teacher is going to tell story.10. Mary is cutting the cake with sharp knife.11. The chicken looked at the woman with red hat.12. They have provided the victims with food and clothing.13. People speak English in almost every corner of the world.14. You mustn’t use this machine after 5.30pm.15. Luckily, for me, they didn’t call my name.16. They told the new pupil where to sit.17. He doesn’t open the book18. Does your mum pick you up 19. Nobody has ever treated me with such kindness. 20.They have not caught the thieves2 1. Did Ann discover the mistake?22. Tommy didn`t break the chair.23. She doesn`t the housework every morning.24. She cooked the meals carefully.25. She will put the flower vase in the living room.26. Jane has just finished the needlework.27. She is singing English songs now.28.Could Jenny lock the door? 29.We had lost the key. 30.I had not closed the window. 31 .Had she solved the problem? 32.Millions of people will visit the museum 33.You will not do it. 35. John gave me nice present.36. bought my mother some flowers37.Has she phoned him? 38.The teacher won’t correct exercises tomorrow.39.This well­known library attracts many people.40.All students attended the meeting.41.He can’t repair my bike.42.Mary has operated Tom since 10 o’clock.43.Mr. Smith has taught us French for years.44.They didn’t look after the children properly.45.Nobody swept this street last week.46.People drink great deal of tea in England.47.Tom was writing poems.48.Someone had invented electric lights before was born.