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UNIT 8: LIFE IN THE FUTUREI. Choose the word that underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest.1. A. pe B. al ve C. cro D. nk2. A. cl ea ner B. thr ea C. ah ea D. inst ea d3. A. er dicate B. stronaut C. st ndard D. tal4. A. rden B. rvive C. sh ttle D. rnish5. A. serv ce B. pract ce C. off ce D. dev ceII. Stress:6. A. eradicate B. technology C. incredible D. pessimistic7. A. authority B. unexpected C. centenarian D. corporation8. A. commitment B. domestic C. substantial D. signature9. A. islander B. illegal C. subsequent D. government10. A. contribute B. confident C. eternal D. eradicationIII. Choose the best answers11. On the _________, optimists believe that life will be much better than it is today.A. contrary B. contrast C. opposition D. opponent12. No one knows for sure whether there is intelligent life on Mars or not. It is still a(n)__________A. idea B. mystery C. question D. impossible13. In the future many large corporations will be wiped out and millions of jobs will be lost.A. companies B. services C. supermarkets D. farms14. ____________ is increasing, which results from economic depression.A. Employment B. Unemployment C. Employ D. Unemployed15. There are several places where residents face the threat of ________ everyday.A. terrorist B. terrorism C. terrorize D. terror16. An economic ________ brings significant increase in layoffs and unemployment.A. developing B. development C. depression D. depressive17. Someone who is _________ is hopeful about the future or the success of something in particular.A. powerful B. optimistic C. stagnant D. pessimistic18. No one can predict the future exactly. Things may happen _________. A. expected B. unexpected C. expectedly D. unexpectedly19. Thanks to the inventions of labor-saving ________, domestic chores will not burden.A. devices B. things C. equipments D. furniture20. If large number of corporations are ________, millions of jobs will be lost.A. taken on B. wiped out C. put off D. gone away21. Everyone is aware that eternal life is _______A. impossible B. insignificant C. disinteresting D. unexpected22. My ideal world is that all the people in the world live together ____________A. in the same place B. under roof C. in harmony D. in hand23. Pessimists say that the whole world will _______a period of economic depression.A. enjoy B. experience C. suffer D. tolerate24. It’s our responsibility to contribute to _______our own life.A. growing B. heightening C. bettering D. increasing25. We should constantly ________ economic reforms to promote the development of our country. A. see off B. go up C. bright about D. carry out26. Despite having all the necessary qualifications, _______A. but he didn’t get the job. B. he didn’t get the job C. but he got the job D. he got the job27. _______ is spacecraft that is designed to travel into space and back to earth several times.A. plane B. corporation C. telecommunication D. shuttle28. Someone who is _______ thinks that bad things are going to happen.A. optimistic B. pessimistic C. threatened D. hopeful29. Due to industrialization, we have to cope _______ the fact that many species are _______ danger _______ extinction.A. over at for B. at upon over C. for on with D. with in of30. Instead _____ petrol, cars will only run ____ solar energy and electricity.A. of on B. for by C. in over D. from/ upon31. There are several places where residents face the threat of _______ every day.A. terrorist B. terrorism C. terrorize D. terror32. Those spacecrafts are used ______ taking photographs _______ space.A. about through B. for /in C. of at D. in off33. Will you take care _______ my little dog when am _______ business?A. through away B. about at C. for over D. of on34. According _______ Bill, there's something wrong _______ my computer.A. after for B. on about C. to with D. upon at35. He died ______pneumonia. A. for B. by C. in D. of36. It is really quite incredible that he is unaware of such basic facts.A. unbelievable B. difficult C. disappointed D. imaginable37. The bomb attacks have been attributed to group of international _________.A. terrorism B. terrorist C. terrorists D. terrorization38. sometimes read _______ fictions in my spare time.A. scientific B. science C. scientist D. scientifically39. Paris lies _____ the River Seine. A. over B. on C. in D. next40. have been looking for this book for months, but ______ have found itA. in time B. at last C. at the end D. at present 41. She spends hours ______talking to all her friends. A. on phone B. on the phone C. at phone D. at phone42. Artificial intelligence is _________ to have large influence on our lives.A. alike B. busy C. bound D. maybe 43. We are really _____about the peace progress in the region.A. optimism B. optimist C. optimistic D. optimistically44. The earth is being _____by pollution. A. threat B. threaten C. threatened D. threats45. He was very sad because he was told that his best friend got an _______disease.A. cure B. curable C. curably D. incurable 46. If have(A) chance to travel(B) abroad, Paris is the first city where(C) I’d like to visit(D) .47. It is difficult(A) to get used to sleep(B) in tent after having(C) soft, comfortable bed to lie on(D) .48. Despite(A) his smiling(B) face, the second-place contestant(C) is more sadder than(D) the winner.49. We arrived on time(A) to have a(B) meal before the(C) plane left(D) .50. I’ve(A) been living(B) here since(C) three months(D) .Put a/an/the or no article in each space to complete the following sentences.1. When left _____station, had to stand in _______queue for _____taxi for _____long time.2. _______happiness of the majority depends on ______hard work from everyone.3. ______summer spend in _______USA was one of _______best in my life.4. ______computers have already changed ______our lives dramatically.5. _____tennis is my favorite sport. play once or twice ____ week if can, but I’m not ____ very good player6. won’t be home for___dinner this evening. I’m meeting some friends after__work and we’re going to___ cinema.7. don’t usually like staying at ____hotels, but last summer we spent few days at ____very nice hotel by ___sea.Choose the best preposition to complete each of the following sentences.1. I’ll be at home ________ Friday morning. You can phone me then.( at in on about )2. I’m going away __________ the end of January.(at on in over )3. Our flat is ________ the second floor of the building.( with at in on )4. We saw Jack __________ concert last Sunday.( at in on/)5. Have you read any books ________ Gatha Christie?( from with of by )6. I’m not very good _________ repairing things.( for at in about )7. Why were you so unfriendly _______ Tesa? Have you had an argument with her? of for to with )8. It’s very kind of you. We’re very grateful ________ all your help.( in at for with )9. Having job is preferable _______ having no job at all. in on to for )10. Her dress is very similar ______ mine. Only the belt is different.( to with as for )11. Police officers don’t have to wear uniform when they are ______ duty.( away from off on)12. Please give me ________ cake that is on the counter. the some any )13. bought ______ umbrella to go out in the rain.( the some an )14. _______ Japanese he speaks is often heard in the countryside.( a/ an any the ).15. saw Helen ____Friday, but haven’t seen her _____then. (in/ on/ from/ since)16. What do you think is the best solution ______the problem? (on/for/to/in)