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GD ĐT NGỞ ƯƠTR NG THPT THANH MI NƯỜ KSCL GI KỲ II NĂM 2017-2018Ề ỌMôn Ti ng Anh 10ếTh gian làm bài: 50 phút ờĐ thi m: 03 trang 40 questionsH tên thí sinh:..................................................................... báo danh: .............................ọ ốChoose the answer that best fits in each gap in the text belowA Franklin electronic dictionary is actually helpful (1)_______ to possess with you all of thetime. Any device involving dictionaries is great to use for people who go out of their country onbusiness trip. Tourists would also benefit very much (2)_______ such device.(3)_______ students will also find this gadget helpful especially whenever they are studying animportant foreign language in another country. There is also great diversity of dictionaries thatanybody can choose whichever works to them best.These dictionaries are also quite easy to use and incorporate various functions. Some of(4)_______ are main functions, besides translating foreign word, which would be to provide spellingcheck-ups, find the meaning and synonyms connected with any particular word as (5)_______ asprovide examples of how word is used in sentence. typical Franklin electronic dictionary is morethan that. By entering the meaning of word of mouth, you would have the ability to pull up manywords that you are searching for. Question 1. A. equipment B. notebook C. gadget D. machine Question 2. A. to B. from C. on D. of Question 3. A. Moreover B. Therefore C. Because D. However Question 4. A. us B. which C. it D. them Question 5. A. good B. soon C. well D. long Read the passage and choose the best answerRock BandTwo years ago, our 14-year-old son, Ben, asked us for set of drums for his birthday. At first, wewere very much against the idea because of the noise. 'It's better than watching television or playingcomputer games in my free time,' Ben argued, 'and it'll keep me out of trouble.' In the end, we gave in .'All right ,' we said, 'but you must consider the rest of the family and the ei ghbours when you play.'That was just the beginning. Because drums are not the easiest instruments to transport, the othermembers of Ben's band started appearing at our home with their guitars and other electrical equipment.And so for several hours week the house shakes to the noise of their instruments and their teenagesinging.At least Ben's hobby has been good for our health: whenever the band practising, my husband andI go out for long walk. And must admit that, although their music may sound little strange, theyare friendly and polite group of young men. can not judge their musical skill after all didn't expectmy parents' generation to like the same music as did when was teenager but they do playregularly in local clubs for young people.Our main worry is that they won't spend enough time on their schoolwork because of their musicalactivities, though this hasn't happened yet. am always stressing to Ben how important his studies are.But one thing is certain Ben was right: it has kept him out of trouble and he is never bored. Question 6. What is the writer trying to do in this text?A. complain about her son's friends B. give advice to teenagersC. compare herself with her parents D. describe her son's hobby Question 7. According to the text, how old is the writer's son now?A. 14 B. 16 C. 17 D. 15 Question 8. What kind of present did the writer's son ask for?A. television set B. musical instrumentC. computer game D. set of mechanical toolsTrang MÃ 456ỀMÃ 456ỀQuestion 9. Why did the writer give Ben the present he wanted?A. She knew he would use it sensibly B. He persuaded her it would be better than watching TVC. He already had too many computer games D. She wanted to reward him for working hard Question 10. What does gave in in the first paragraph mean?A. agreed B. refused C. admitted D. offered Question 11. Why does the band always practise at Ben's house?A. It is difficult for Ben to transport his drums B. The neighbours don't mind the noiseC. Ben's parents enjoy listening to them D. They can leave their equipment there Question 12. How often does the band play in Ben's house?A. Several hours month B. Every day C. Several hours week D. Once week Question 13. According to the writer, why is her son's hobby good for his parents' health?A. They go for walks more oftenB. They feel relaxed whenever their son plays the musicC. They practice playing the music with their son.D. They dance when their son plays their music Question 14. What does the writer say about the band members?A. They play their instruments well B. Their influence on her son worries herC. Their taste in music is strange to her D. They avoid any contact with her Question 15. The writer says that their son, Ben, _______A. Never gets bored with his hobbyB. Likes the same music as his parentsC. Regularly plays in local clubs for old peopleD. Sometimes doesn't spend enough time on his schoolwork Choose the best answer to fill in the gap in each of the following sentences Question 16. The song 'Remember Me', _____ won Best Original Song at the 2018 Oscars, was co-written by Robert Lopez, also the writer of Let It Go .A. which B. that C. whom D. who Question 17. E-mails _____ advertise things are called 'spam'A. where B. whose C. who D. that Question 18. If there were an asteroid hitting the earth, it _____ new ice age.A. causes B. would have caused C. would cause D. will cause Question 19. In the story, boy fell in love with girl. Unfortunately, _____ girl wasn't interested.A. the B. C. D. an Question 20. don't mind _____ homework after dinner, but it's hard to get started.A. to do B. doing C. having done D. about doing Question 21. Some students feel stressed by studying, especially subjects that they find _____.A. confused B. to confuse C. confusing D. confuse Question 22. Daughter: "Shall help you move this chair, Mum?" Mother: "No, you _____ yourself. I'll move it."A. are going to be hurt B. will hurt C. will be hurting D. are going to hurt Question 23. The singer _____ live on stage when the sound system _____.A. was performing, was failing B. was performing, failedC. performed, was failing D. performed, failed Question 24. Hopefully, hunger and poverty will ____ in the near future.A. be eliminating B. eliminated C. eliminating D. be eliminated Question 25. In 1993, IBM released the IMB Simon the first phone with ______, screen which allows giving instructions by touching.A. desktop B. touch screen C. screenshot D. flat screen Choose the underlined part that needs correcting Question 26. Jenny was off last Saturday so she spent hour shopping at the supermarket.A Question 27. enjoy to read the article that you told me about yesterday.A DTrang MÃ 456ỀQuestion 28. The ceremony of the 90 th Academy Award, or the 2018 Oscars, which honored the best Afilms in 2017, held on March th instead of February to avoid conflicting with the Winter Olympics.B Question 29. That horror film was really frightened so will never watch it again.A Choose the word that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each sentence below Question 30. Samuel Mitchell helped found Rutgers Medical College in New Jersey in 1826, and heproduced several important works in chemistry and geology.A. experiences B. accomplishments C. factories D. books Question 31. My teacher is very interested in the diversity of cultures around the world.A. changes B. variety C. number D. conservation Choose the sentence that best rewrites the one given Question 32. last went to the barber's months ago.A. haven't cut my hair for months. B. It's months since had my hair cut.C. had my hair cutting months ago. D. The last time cut my hair was months ago. Question 33. It was not until the early 2010s that electrical dance music, or EDM, became popularworldwide.A. Electrical dance music, or EDM, became popular worldwide in the early 2010s .B. Electrical dance music, or EDM, didn't become popular worldwide in the early 2010s.C. Electrical dance music, or EDM, became popular worldwide until the early 2010s.D. Before the early 2010s, electrical dance music, or EDM became popular worldwide. Question 34. Would you like to join us in the trip to Mao Dien Temple this weekend?A. Are you free joining us in the trip to Mao Dien Temple this weekend?B. How about join us in the trip to Mao Dien Temple this weekend?C. Do you feel like joining us in the trip to Mao Dien Temple this weekend?D. Let's join us in the trip to Mao Dien Temple this weekend. Question 35. Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential figures in Jazz. He was born in NewOrleans.A. Louis Armstrong who was one of the most influential figures in Jazz was born in New Orleans.B. Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential figures in Jazz, who was born in New Orleans.C. Louis Armstrong that was born in New Orleans was one of the most influential figures in Jazz.D Louis Armstrong, who was born in New Orleans, was one of the most influential figures in Jazz.Question 36. We should build park in this local area.A. park should be built in this local area. B. park should built in this local area.C. park in this local area should be built by us. D. park should build by us in this local area. Choose the word that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each sentence below Question 37. Sharing housework with parents will make children more mature and help them learnmore skills that are necessary for their future.A. childish B. energetic C. sensitive D. annoyed Question 38. Taylor Swift is famous for her talent of singing and writing songs.A. popular B. honored C. unknown D. well-known Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others' Question 39. A. creen B. document C. cla ss ical D. occa ion Question 40. A. ch nge B. rel C. inform tion D. mous___THE END___ Trang MÃ 456Ề