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Advantages and Disadvantages of Industries

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Advantages and Disadvantages of IndustriesIndustries are necessary for the well being of the people of every country because industry together with agriculture helps the country in achieving itseconomic growth and development. However with everything else there aretwo sides of coin. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of industries –Advantages of Industries1. Industries help in generating the employment opportunities for the people and in majority of the nations after agriculture it employs the highest number of people and therefore it can be said to be livelihood ofmany families.2. It is due to presence of many industries that we get to use array of products like television, cloths, automobiles, furniture etc…, which helps in making our life easier and improves the general standard of living.3. prospering industrial environment is good for the country because government get income in the form of taxes from the industries, which in turn is used by the government for the well being of the people.4. It makes the country independent because once country start producing goods with the help of industrialization it does not have to depend on other countries for its demand and it can save its money by reducing the imports and it can even export its produce leading to foreign exchange income which in turn makes the country more prosperous.Disadvantages of Industries1. The biggest disadvantage of industries is that it leads to increase in pollution as many units emit poisonous gases which over the years have turned out to be the major cause behind global warming.2. Industries leads to shift in the preference of people and they tend to prefer working there because of more money and opportunities rather than in agriculture sector and hence gap is created because of this which in the long term can lead to food shortages because of the lack of interest in agriculture and allied activities.3. Since industries tend to attract many people it leads to problem urbanization where many people from rural areas shift to urban areas leading to urbanization problems like lack of housing, congestion, lack of green space, health related problems and so on.4. It sometimes creates monopolies which ultimately lead to exploitationof consumers of the country and the huge gap between the rich and poor is also attributed to the industries.Trên đây chỉ là phần trích dẫn 10 trang đầu của tài liệu và có thế hiển thị lỗi font, bạn muốn xem đầyđủ tài liệu gốc thì ấn vào nút Tải về phía dưới.