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advanced vocabulary

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Nhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học với chị Trang VOCABULARY 1. Pleasure______yourself of all the audio visual facilities. A. use B. avail C. advantage D. provide Avail yourself of st: tận dụng cái gì đó (đặc biệt là cơ hội, đề nghị)/ tự trang bị cho mình cái gì 2. Film set in his home country usually_____feelings of nostalgia in him. A. rekindle B. recharge C. remember D. remind Rekindle: đánh thức cảm giác Nostalgia: nỗi nhớ nhà, quê hương 3. The Olympic Games are given world-______television coverage. A. wide B. over C. global D. through World- wide: trên toàn thế giới 4. She _____her husband by twenty years. A. outstayed B. lived C. revived D. outlived Outlived: sống thọ hơn 5. Science fiction is very popular film_____nowadays. A. kind B. sort C. genre D. brand genre: một thể loại nhất định nào đó của âm nhạc, điện ảnh, văn học, nghệ thuật. 6. It should be the responsibility of children’s TV producers to____moral values in their viewers. A. put B. instill C. teach D. put instil: truyền dẫn (ý nghĩ, tình cảm) 7. The official report on the accident was a_____of lies. A. pack B. bundle C. heap D. bunch pack of lie: lời nói dối 8. The producer decided on the _____of the moment to cut the scene. A. nick B. turn C. heat D. spur on the spur of the moment: một cách đột ngột, không có dự tính trước 9. Recent blockbuster movies have brought new _____of hope to the declining cinema industry. A. beam B. stroke C. light D. ray ray of hope: tia hi vọngNhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học với chị Trang 10. never get _____of sleep after watching horror film. A. blink B. wink C. night D. ounce wink of sleep: chợp mắt 11. On getting lost, the children had the_____of mind to keep together. A. sense B. forethought C. presence D. thought presence of mind: nhanh trí 12. There have been numerous sightings of child____to the description of the missing boy. A. resembling B. answering C. taking after D. looking like answer to something: câu trả lời cho điều gì 13. In the_____of the moment, he forgot to keep record of the discussion. A. spur B. temper C. heat D. nick in the heat of the moment: trong lúc vội vã 14. The film was finish in the ____of time to be shown at the festival. A. nick B. moment C. right D. just in the nick of time: vừa kịp lúc 15. will agree to twenty guests, but _____the line at twenty five. A. put B. finish C. refuse D. draw draw the line at st: từ chối cái gì 16. while you are admiring the big stars____a thought for the thousands who do not make it. A. give B. spare C. throw D. make spare thought for st: dành một chút cho điều gì 17. Some of those horror scenes really made my stomach____. A. pound B. fall C. churn D. sink stomach churn: cảm thấy thực sự lo lắng, sợ hãi 18. My heart was____as waited anxiously for the news. A. beating B. sinking C. turning D. pounding pound: đập thình thịch 19. The political situation_____a feeling of desperation among the population. A. enhanced B. engendered C. engaged D. enforced engender: làm nảy sinh, đem lại 20. The average film-______goes to the cinema twice month. A. viewer B. visitor C. goer D. attender film- goer: người đi xem phimNhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học với chị Trang 21. There is subtantial market nowadays for CD’s of film_____. A. sounds B. soundtracks C. sound effects D. sound systems soundtrack: hiệu ứng âm thanh 22. After dealing with all the highly volatile actor, the director was at the end of her_____. A. tether B. line C. rope D. limit be at the end of one’s tether: hết cách, hết phương sách 23. If the door won’t open, you’ll have to _____to force. A. recede B. resist C. resort D. return resort to st: phải sử dụng đến 24. If you don’t_____to the rules, we’ll have to ask you to leave. A. obey B. stand C. do D. conform conform to st: làm theo, tuân theo cái gì 25. He_____out loud when he saw his trick had been succeessful. A. smiled B. chuckled C. grimaced D. grinned chuckl out loud: cưới phá lên 26. She____with her brother when he broke her favourite toy. A. got out B. fell in C. got on D. fell out fell out with sb: cãi nhau với ai 27. We’re very busy this week. Can you work____? A. extra time B. supplementary time C. overtime D. double time overtime: làm việc ngoaigf giờ 28. succeeded in my job through sheer hard____. A. work B. labour C. industry D. effort hard work: làm việc chăm chỉ 29. Catherine works for a/an_____engineering company. A. main B. forefront C. outgoing D. leading leading: hàng đầu 30. I’m thinking of changing my job because there are few_____of promotion. A. prospects B. opportunities C. chances D. sources prospect of st: triển vọng 31. Bill has real _____for looking after handicapped children.Nhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học với chị Trang A. career B. post C. inspiration D. vocation vocation for st: có năng khiều, thiên hướng về cái gì 32. Ruth is looking for new____at the moment. A. vacancy B. appointment C. condition D. employment appointment: sự bổ nhiệm 33. am well-qualified and have completed a____in graphic design. A. lesson B. curriculum C. course D. timetable course: khóa học 34. In our company am afraid there is very little____to work hard. A. inspiration B. advantage C. gain D. motivation motivation: động lực thúc đẩy 35. The government is building nuclear power_____not far from here. A. works B. factory C. station D. industry nuclear power station: năng lượng hạt nhân 36. It’s not very interesting work, but at least it’s a_____job. A. regular B. continuous C. firm D. steady steady: ổn định 37. inherited $10 000 in my uncle’s____. A. regular B. inheritance C. will D. testament testament: di chúc 38. The_____price is always lower than the retail price. A. wholesale B. bargaining C. cut D. budget wholesale: bán sỉ (bán cả lô) retail: bán lẻ 39. still have three more____to pay on my motorbike. A. shares B. donations C. installments D. contribution installment: một số lượng tiền mà bạn phải trả mỗi lần (trả đến bào giờ hết) 40. We had to give the customs official a_____not to inspect our suitcases. A. fee B. reward C. bonus D. bribe bribe: tiền hối lộ 41. After my busniess failed, was declared_____by the court. A. profitless B. bankrup C. insignificant D. uneconomical bankrup: phá sản 42. As soon as you buy car, it starts falling in_____. A. cost B. worth C. value D. priceNhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học với chị Trang fall in value: sự rớt giá 43. multinational company has made a/an_____to take over our firm. A. bid B. venture C. investment D. estimate make bid: bỏ thầu (trong bán đấu giá) 44. We demanded pay rises to take account of the _____of inflation. A. figures B. percentage C. price D. rate rate of inflation: tỷ lệ lạm phát 45. Things are going well. In fact, business is_____ A. soaring B. booming C. leaping D. rolling boom: phát đạt 46. _____you don’t make as much profit this year! A. assure B. challenge C. bet D. doubt bet: cá, cược 47. From an early age, Wolfgang had a/an_____for music. A. interest B. passion C. involvement D. tendency have passion for st: say mê cái gì 48. Larry never spoke to anyone, and kept himself_____. A. outside B. withdrawn C. superior D. aloof keep/hold (yourself) aloof, remain/stand aloof: giữ mình tránh xa mọi người/ không quan tâm đến ai 49. Sarah delivered a/an_____appeal to the court and asked for mercy. A. sensational B. sentimental C. emotional D. affectionate sentimental: ủy mị 50. When gave her the present, my mother_____with satisfaction. A. beamed B. grinned C. giggled D. guffawes beam of/ with satisfaction: vui vẻ, hài lòng 51. In answer to my question, my sister_____with satisfaction. A. shook B. grimaced C. wriggled D. nodded nod: gật đầu 52. After my uncle’s death, my aunt remained a/an_____for only few months before remarrying. A. in- law B. widow C. single D. bride widow: góa phụ 53. can’t tell Peter and Paul apart; they are____twins. A. similar B. alike C. resemblance D. identicalNhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học với chị Trang identical twins: anh em sinh đôi giống nhau như hệt 54. Many people consider that the_____of marriage is under threat. A. institution B. constitution C. attribution D. restitution institution: nền tảng 55. After the accident, the police informed the victim’s next of_____. A. relation B. blood C. kin D. generation kin: họ hàng 56. I’m sorry snapped at you like that, but I’m in bad_____. A. mind B. mood C. mentality D. manner be in bad mood: tâm trạng không vui 57. People living abroad are not_____to enter for this competition. A. enabled B. permissible C. capable D. eligible eligible do to st: có quyền hạn (đủ tuổi để làm gì) 58. Unfortunately, our local cinema is on the____of closing down. A. verge B. hint C. edge D. threat on the verge of st: sắp sửa 59. For elderly people, one of the problems_____by rising prices is the continual increase in heating bills. A. given B. posed C. pressed D. forced pose st: đưa ra yêu cầu/ yêu sách 60. The price they offered for my car was so low that ____it down. A. brought B. called C. turned D. shouted turn st down: từ chối 61. When his bussiness failed, he started again from_____. A. scratch B. blank C. introduction D. beginning from scratch: từ con số không, từ bàn tay trắng 62. The number of tickets available is_____by the size of the stadium. A. caused B. related C. determined D. associated determine: quyết định, định đoạt 63. My____on life has changed lot of since leaving university. A. outlook B. attitude C. approach D. purpose outlook on st: thái độ đối với cuộc sống 64. He was always finding_____with his daughter’s friend. A. blame B. lack C. mistake D. faultNhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học với chị Trang fault: trách nhiệm của ai vì đã để chuyện không hay xảy ra mistake: lỗi lầm, lỗi sai (thường là do không cố ý) 65. It would be helpful if you could_____the report into three or four pages. A. resume B. decrease C. reduce D. condense condense: viết cô đọng, súc tích lại 66. The _____exam in January prepared pupils for the real things in June. A. false B. mock C. fake D. unreal mock exam: kỳ thi thử 67. There was nothing special about his clothes_____from his flowery tie. A. but B. except C. other D. apart apart from: ngoại trừ 68. The rings is only made of plastics; it is quite_____ A. valuable B. priceless C. worthless D. invaluable worthless: không có giá trị 69. Whoever______of speeding may be fined from $100 up to $1,000. A. convicted B. arrested C. judged D. charged be convicted of st: bị kết tội 70. ____a fire, hotel guests are asked to remain calm. A. As result of B. In the time of C. By reason of D. In the event of In the event of st: trong trường hợp 71. He refused to give up work,_____ he’d won million pounds. A. despite B. however C. even though D. as though even though Clause: thậm chí, cho dù 72. They were_____for smuggling jewelry into the country. A. judged B. arrested C. accused D. warmed be arrested for st: bị bắt vì tội gì 73. At the end of the winter, the price of winter clothes in the shops usually____. A. drops B. lowers C. sinks D. reduces drop: rớt giá 74. don’t see any_____in arriving early at the theatre if the show doesn’t start until o’clock.Nhóm ôn luyện tiếng anh thi đại học với chị Trang A. cause B. aim C. point D. reason Các cumjh từ này đều chỉ mục đích nhưng: point in aim at cause for 75. Would you mind ____these plates wipe before putting them in the cupboard? A. making B. doing C. getting D. giving give: đưa 76. She did all the word_____her own. A. by B. on C. for D. with on her own: tự làm, không có sự giúp đỡ 77. wrote to the company_____them for catalogue. A. demanding B. asking C. enquiring D. applying aks sb for st: yêu cầu ai cái gì 78. Dinner will be ready soon. Can you please_____the table? A. lay B. settle C. make D. put lay the table: bày bàn ăn 79. Please_____and see us some time you’re always welcome. A. come to B. come about C. come round D. come away come round: đi thăm 80. Although we have large number of the students, each one receives_____attention. A. individual B. only C. alone D. single individual attention: sự quan tâm tới từng cá nhân Sưu tầm- Đỗ HUYỀN TRANG-