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VnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, vă bản ph áp lu ật, biểu ẫu mi ễn ph í1Sở GD &ĐT Yên Bái KỲ THI TRUNG HỌC PH ỔTH ÔNG QUỐC GIA NĂM 2017Tr ườ ng THPT Nguyễn Hu Môn tiếng Anh.( Đề gồm có 05 trang) Thờigian là bài 60 phút, kh ông kể th ờigian phát đề_____________________________Mark theletter A,B, C,orDon your answer sheettoindicate theword whose underlined partdiffersfrom theother threeinpronunciation ineach ofthe following questions.Question 1:A. Epid emic B.Illegal C.Education D.Comp etitorQuestion 2:A. Comp ose B.Opp onent C.Wh olesale D.ColonyMark theletter A,B, C,orDon your answer sheettoindicate theword thatdiffers fromtheotherthree inthe position ofthe primary stressineach ofthe following questions.Question 3:A. Discuss B.Waving C.Airport D.OftenQuestion 4:A. Interview B.Difficulty C.Simplicity D.BeautifulMark theletter A,BCor Don your answer sheettoindicate theunderlined partthatneeds correctionin each ofthe following questions.Question 5:The skin receives nearlythethirdofthe blood pumped outbytheheart.A CDQuestion 6:Ihadmy motorbike repairyesterdaybutnowitstill doesn ’t work.A DQuestion 7:Ifyou areworking withyoungchildren inaprimaryschool, youwill findthatA BCteaching livelysongsandrhymes areverypopular.DMark theletter A,B, Cor Don your answer sheettoindicate thecorrect answer toeach ofthefollowing questions.Question 8.The next meeting _________ inMay.A. will hold B.will beheld C.will beholding D.will have heldQuestion 9:The librarian toldusnot _________ referencebooksoutofthe library.A. taking B.totake C.take D.tookQuestion 10:My responsibility isto _________ mylittle brothers.A. take careof B.join hands C.take over D.work togetherQuestion 11:InVietnam, twoormore ________ mayliveinahome.A. generations B.generous C.generation D.generatorsQuestion 12:__________ candidatesarelikely tosucceed injob interviews.A. Nervous B.Self-conscious C.Self-doubt D.Self-confidentQuestion 13:Agood essay must__________contain enoughinteresting ideasandspecific exambutalsohave good organization.A. inaddition B.either C.not only D.aswellQuestion 14:The ground iswet. It________ rainedlastnight.A. must B.must have C.may have D.might haveQuestion 15:There areseveral meansofmass communication. Thenewspaper isone. Television is______.A. another B.other C.the another D.the other.Question 16:Doyou know thewoman ______ livesnextdoor?VnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, vă bản ph áp lu ật, biểu ẫu mi ễn ph í2A.she B.who C.whom D.herQuestion 17:Ifyou _______ lesslastnight, you_______ sobad today.A. had drunk- wouldnothave felt B.drank- wouldnotfeelC. had drunk- wouldnotfeel D.would havedrunk- wouldnotfeelQuestion 18:Ican ’t sleep ________ thehot weather.A. because of B.as C.because D.sinceQuestion 19:British andAustralian peoplesharethesame language, butinother respects theyareasdifferent as_________.A. cats anddogs B.chalk andcheese C.salt and pepper D.here andthereMark theletter A,B, Cor Don your answer sheettoindicate themost suitable response tocompleteeach ofthe following exchanges.Question 20:John: "Congratulations! Youdidgreat. Mary:-" ___________. ”A. It’s nice ofyou tosay so. B.It’s my pleasure.C. You ’re welcome. D.That ’s okay.Question 21:Minh :" My first English testwas notasgood asIexpected "Thomas :" _________."A. Good Heavens! B.Never mind,better jobnext time!C. That's brilliant enough! D.It's okay .Don't worry.Mark theletter A,B, Cor Don your answer sheettoindicate theword(s) SIMILAR inmeaning totheunderlined word(s)ineach ofthe following questions.Question 22:When beinginterviewed, youshould concentrate onwhattheinterviewer issaying orasking you.A. berelated to B.be interested inC. pay allattention to D.express interestinQuestion 23:“He insisted onlistening tothe entirestory ”.A. part B.funny C.whole D.interestingMark theletter A,B, C,orDto indicate theword orphrase thatisOPPOSITE inmeaning totheitalic partineach ofthe following questions.Question 24:Hehad never experienced suchdiscourtesy towardsthepresident asitoccurred attheannual meeting inMay.A. politeness B.rudeness C.measurement D.encouragementQuestion 25:We offer aspeedy andsecure service oftransferring moneyinless than 24hours.A. uninterested B.unsure C.open D.slowRead thefollowing sentences andmark theletter A,B, Cor Don your answer sheettoindicate thecorrect answer toeach ofthe questions.Question 26:They don’t know much knowledge ofthe jobs oftheir choice.A. They havelittleknowledge ofthe jobs oftheir choice.B. They haveafew knowledge aboutthejobs oftheir choice.C. They havefewknowledge ofthe jobs oftheir choice.D. They don’t have much knowledge ofthe jobs oftheir choice.Question 27:Hardly areappeals allowed againstthecouncil ’s decisions.A. It’s too hard forthe council toallow appeals againstitsdecisions.VnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, vă bản ph áp lu ật, biểu ẫu mi ễn ph í3B.The council alwaysallowsappeals againstitsdecisions.C. Allowing appealsagainstitsdecisions isnot good.D. The council rarelyallows appeals againstitsdecision.Question 28:When theunemployment rateishigh, thecrime rateisusually alsohigh.A. The unemployment rateisas high asthe crime rate.B. The higher theunemployment rateis,the higher thecrime rateis.C. The unemployment rateandthecrime rateareboth higherD. The high rateofunemployment dependsonthe high rateofcrime.Question 29.Theyhadtomake plansforextra places inschools inthe 1990s.A. Extra places inschools hadtobe made plansinthe 1990s.B. Extra places inschools inthe 1990s hadtomake plansC. Extra places inschools werehadtomake plansinthe 1990sD. Extra places inthe 1990s inschools hadtomake plansQuestion 30.Ithink Alfred Nobelinvented dynamite.A. Itis think thatAlfred Nobelinvented dynamite.B. Itis thought thatAlfred Nobelinvented dynamite.C. Alfred Nobelwasinvented dynamite byme.D. Alfred Nobelwasthought toinvent dynamite byme.Read ofthe following passageandmark theletter A,B,Cor Don your answer sheettoindicate thecorrect wordorphrase thatbestfitseach ofthe numbered blanksWe areusing upthe world ’s petroleum. Weuseitin our cars andtoheat ourbuilding inwinter.Farmers usepetrochemicals to(31) ____ thesoil rich. They usethem tokill insects whicheatplants.These chemicals go(32) ______ riversandlakes andkillthefish there. Thousands ofpollutants alsogointo theairand pollute it.Winds carrythis(33) _____ airtoother countries andother continents.Poor farmers usethesame landover andover Theland needs arest soitwill bebetter nextyear.However, thefarmers musthavefoodthisyear. Poorpeople cutdown forests forfirewood. Insomeareas when thetrees aregone, theland (34)______ desert.Poorpeople can’t save theenvironment forthe future .This isnot aproblem forone country orone area ofthe world. Itis aproblem forall- humans. Thepeople andthenations ofthe world mustwork together to(35) _______ theworld ’s resources.Question 31.A.work B.change C.make D.letQuestion 32.A.out B.for C.at D.intoQuestion 33.A.pollute B.polluting C.polluted D.pollutionQuestion 34.A.gets B.changes C.turns D.becomesQuestion 35.A.recycle B.preserve C.keep D.reuseRead ofthe following passageandmark theletter A,B,Cor Don your answer sheettoindicate thecorrect answer toeach ofthe questions from36to42Since theworld became industrialized, thenumber ofanimal species thathave either becomeextinct orhave neared extinction hasincreased. Bengaltigers,forinstance, whichonceroamed thejungles invast numbers, nownumber onlyabout 2,300. Bythe year 2025, itis estimated thatthey willbecome extinct.Whatisalarming aboutthecase ofthe Bengal tigeristhat thisextinction willhaveVnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, vă bản ph áp lu ật, biểu ẫu mi ễn ph í4been caused almostentirely bypoachers who,according tosome sources, arenot always interested inmaterial gainbutinpersonal gratification. Thisisan example ofthe callousness thatiscontributing tothe problem ofextinction. Animals,suchasBengal tiger,aswell asother endangered species,arevaluable partsofthe world ’s ecosystem. International lawsprotecting theseanimals mustbeenacted toensure theirsurvival andthesurvival ofour planet.Countries aroundtheworld havebegun todeal with theproblem invarious ways.Somecountries, inan effort tocircumvent theproblem, haveallocated largeamounts ofland toanimalreserves. Theythencharge admission pricestohelp defray thecosts ofmaintaining theparks, andtheyoften mustalsodepend onworld organizations forsupport. Thismoney enables themtoinvest inequipment andpatrols toprotect theanimals. Anotherresponse tothe increase inanimal extinction isaninternational boycottofproducts madefromendangered species.Thishashad some effect, butbyitselfit will notprevent animals frombeing hunted andkilled.Question 36.What isthe main topicofthe passage?A. the Bengal tiger B.international boycottC. endangered species D.problems withindustrializationQuestion 37.Which ofthe following isclosest inmeaning tothe world “alarming ”in the firstparagraph?A. dangerous B.serious C.gripping D.distressingQuestion 38.The word “callousnes s” in the first paragraph couldbestbereplaced bywhich ofthefollowing?A. indirectness B.independence C.incompetence D.insensitivityQuestion 39.The above passage isdivided intotwoparagraphs inorder tocontrast_______.A. aproblem andasolution B.astatement andanillustrationC. acomparison andcontrast D.specific andgeneral informationQuestion 40.What doestheword “This ”in the first paragraph referstoin the passage?A. Bengal tigers B.Interest inmaterial gainC. Killing animals forpersonal satisfaction D.The decrease inthe Bengal tigerpopulationQuestion 41.Which ofthe following couldbestreplace theword “allocated ”in the second paragraph?A. set aside B.combined C.organized D.taken offQuestion 42.Which ofthe following bestdescribes theauthor ’s attitude?A. forgiving B.concerned C.vindictive D.surprisedRead ofthe following passageandmark theletter A,B,Cor Don your answer sheettoindicatethe correct answer toeach ofthe questions from43to50One ofthe seven wonders ofthe ancient world,theGreat Pyramid ofGiza wasamonument ofwisdom andprophecy builtasatomb forPharaoh Cheopsin2720 B.C.Despite itsantiquity, certainaspects ofits construction makesitone ofthe truly wonders ofthe world. Thethirteen- acrestructurenear theNile river isasolid mass ofstone blocks covered withlimestone. Insidearethenumber ofVnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, vă bản ph áp lu ật, biểu ẫu mi ễn ph í5hidden passageways andtheburial chamber ofthe Pharaoh. Itis the largest singlestructure inthe world.The four sides ofthe pyramid arealigned almostexactly ontrue north, south, eastandwest-anincredible engineering feat.The ancient Egyptians weresunworshippers andgreat astronomers, socomputations forthe Great Pyramid werebased onastronomical observations.Explorations anddetailed examinations ofthe base ofthe structure revealmanyintersecting lines.Further scientific studyindicates thatthese represent atype oftimeline ofevents –past, present andfuture. .Many ofthe events havebeen interpreted andfound tocoincide withknown factsofthe past.Others areprophesied forfuture generations andarecurrently underinvestigation. Manybelieve thatpyramids havesupernatural powersandthis one isno exception. Someresearchers evenassociate itwithextraterrestrial beingsofancient past.Was thissuperstructure madebyordinary beings,orone built byarace farsuperior toanyknown today?Question 43.What hasresearch ofthe base revealed?A. there arecracks inthe foundation B.Tomb robbers havestolen thePharaoh ’s bodyC. The lines represent important events D.Asuperior raceofpeople builtinQuestion 44.Extraterrestrial beingsare__________.A. very strong workers B.astronomers inthe ancient timesC. researchers inEgyptology D.living beings fromother planetsQuestion 45.Why wastheGreat Pyramid constructed?A. As asolar observatory B.As areligious templeC. As atomb forthe Pharaoh D.asan engineering featQuestion 46.Inthe second passage ,the word ‘prophesied ’is closest inmeaning to_________.A. affiliated B.precipitated C.terminated D.foretoldQuestion 47.What wasthemost probable reasonforproviding somany hidden passagesA. To allow theweight ofthe pyramid tosettle evenlyB. To permit thehigh priests topray atnightB. To enable thePharaoh ’s family tobring foodforhis journey tothe afterlifeD. To keep grave robbers fromfinding thetomb andthetreasure buriedwiththepharaohQuestion 48.The word featinthe first paragraph iscloset inmeaning to__________.A. accomplishment B.Appendage C.festivity D.structureQuestion 49.What dothe intersecting linesinthe base symbolize?A. Architects ’plan forthe hidden passages B.Pathways ofthe great solarbodiesC. Astrological computations D.Dates ofimportant eventstakingplacethroughout timeQuestion 50.What isthe best titleforthe passage?A. Symbolism ofthe Great Pyramid B.Problems withtheConstruction ofthe Great PyramidVnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, vă bản ph áp lu ật, biểu ẫu mi ễn ph í6C.Wonders ofthe Great Pyramid ofGiza D.Exploration ofthe Burial Chamber ofCheopsThe endS GD &ĐT Yên Bái ĐÁPÁN KỲ THI TRUNG HỌC PH ỔTH ÔNG QUỐC GIA NĂM 2017Tr ườ ng THPT Nguyễn Hu Môn tiếng Anh.Th ời gian là bài 60 phút, kh ông kể th ờigian phát đề_____________________________C âuĐá pánC âuĐá pánC âuĐá pánC âuĐá pánC âuĐá pán1B11A21B31C41A2D12D22C32D42B3A13C23C33C43C4C14B24A34D44D5B15A25B35B45C6B16B26A36C46D7D17C27A37D47D8B18A28B38D48A9C19B29A39A49D10A20A30B40C50CGi áo vi ên so ạn đềNguy ễn Th ịV òngVnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, văn bản ph áp lu ật, bi ểu ẫu mi ễn ph í1SỞ GI ÁO DỤ VÀ ĐÀ OTẠ OY ÊN BÁ I( Đề thicó 04 trang )KỲ THI TRUNG HỌC PH ỔTH ÔNG QUỐC GIA NĂM 2017M ôn: TIẾNG ANHTh ờigian là bài: 60 phút, kh ông kể th ờigian chép đềMark theletter A,B,C, orDon your answer sheettoindicate theword whose underlined partdiffers fromthe other threeinpronunciation ineach ofthe following questions.Question 1:A. muddy B.punctual C.studious D.cultureQuestion 2:A. land B.sandy C.many D.candyMark theletter A,B,C, orDon your answer sheettoindicate theword thatdiffers fromtheother threeinthe position ofprimary stressineach ofthe following questions.Question 3:A. adventure B.attendance C.opponent D.penaltyQuestion 4: A. represent B.permanent C.continent D.sentimentMark theletter A,B,C,orDon your answer sheettoindicate theword(s) CLOSEST inmeaning totheunderlined word(s)ineach ofthe following questions.Question 5: When theprotestor enteredthemeeting cladonly inabeach tower, theaudience wasdumbfounded.A. speechless B.excited C.content D.applaudingQuestion 6: His new work hasenjoyed avery good reviewfromcritics andreaders.A. opinion B.viewing C.look D.regardMark theletter A,B, C,orDon your answer sheettoindicate theword(s) OPPOSITE inmeaning totheunderlined word(s)ineach ofthe following questions.Question 7: The motorist feltthat theticket forinfraction wasunwarranted.A.conscientious B.inadvertent C.inevitable D.justifiedQuestion 8: On November 251972, something dreadfulhappened onboard ofthe brigantine MaryCeleste,causing allcrew members tohastily abandontheship.A. hold on B.stay on C.take care of D.save forMark theletter A,B, C, orDon your answer sheettoindicate theunderlined partthatneeds correction ineach ofthe following questions.Question 9: Humanshave donegreat advancesintechnology atthe expenseofthe environment.A DQuestion 10:Hardly didheenterthe room whenallthe lightswentout.A BCDQuestion 11:Publishing inthe UK,the book haswonanumber ofawards inrecentregional bookfairs.A BCDVnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, văn bản ph áp lu ật, bi ểu ẫu mi ễn ph í2Mark theletter A,B,C, orDon your answer sheettoindicate thecorrect answerQuestion 12:Labor unions andthecompany______ inaconfrontation overplans tocurb benefits.A. carried away B.faced off C.caught up D.showed upQuestion 13:What university willyoutake an_________ examinationinto?A. entrance B.entry C.admission D.attendanceQuestion 14:At first thechildren enjoyedthegame butquite soon_______ novelty.A. died out B.wore off C.went off D.died outQuestion 15:Although heclaimed tohave lefthisjob voluntarily, hewas actually__________ formisconduct.A. released B.dismissed C.resigned D.dispelledQuestion 16:______ thefifth largest among thenight planets thatmake upour solar system.A. The Earth is B.The Earth being C.That theEarth isD.Being theEarthQuestion 17:________ buthealso proves himself agood athlete.A. Not only didheshow himself agood student B.Not only heshowed himselfagood studentC. He did notshow himself onlyagood student D.Agood student notonly showed himselfQuestion 18:It is recommended thathe__________- thiscourse.A. took B.take C.takes D.takingQuestion 19:Our boss would rather_________ duringtheworking hours.A. usnot chat B.we didn ’t chat C.we don ’t chat D.usnot chattingQuestion 20:The skywas cloudy andfoggy. Wewent tothe beach, _________.A. so B.yet C.however D.even thoughQuestion 21:Do you think doing thehousehold choresisthe__________of thewomen only?A. responsibly B.responsible C.responsibility D.responsiveQuestion 22:Hedid some oddjobs athome__________.A. disappointment B.disappointedly C.disappointed D.disappointQuestion 23:“I have bought youatoy. Happy birthday toyou! ”–“ __________ ”A. What alovely toy!Thanks. B.Have anice day!C. Thesame toyou! D.What apity!Question 24:My sister isoften sickbecause shedoesn ’t do physical exercise.A. Ifmy sister doesphysical exercise, shewon ’t often besick. B.Ifmy sister isn’t physical exercise, shedoessick.C. Ifmy sister didphysical exercise, shewouldn ’t often besick. D.Ifmy sister wasn’t physical exercise,she would dosick.Question 25:Heread TheOldMan andThe Sea, anovel__________by ErnestHemingway.A. written B.writing C.which written D.that wroteQuestion 26:Ifyou don’t work much harder, youwon’t pass theexam._ Unless you__________much harder,you__________the exam.A. work /will pass B.don ’t work /will pass C.don ’t work /won ’t pass D.work /won ’t passVnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, văn bản ph áp lu ật, bi ểu ẫu mi ễn ph í3Question 27:Itwas nice ofyou togive methepresent. Thankyou”Ben said toMary.Ben thanked Mary__________the present.A. ofgiving him C.for giving himB. ithad been niceofher togive him D.that shehad been nicetogive himMark theletter A,B, C, orDon your answer sheettoindicate thesentence thatisclosest inmeaning toeachof the following questions.Question 28:“ You shouldn ’t have leaked ourconfidential reporttothe press, Frank! ”said Jane.A. Jane suspected thatFrank hadleaked theirconfidential reporttothe press.B. Jane criticized Frankforhaving disclosed theirconfidential reporttothe press.C. Jane accused Frankofhaving cheated thepress withtheir confidential report.D. Jane blamed Frankforhaving flattered thepress withtheir confidential report.Question 29:“ Don ’t forget totidy upthe final draft before submission, ”the team leader toldus.A. The team leader ordered ustotidy upthe final draft before submission.B. The team leader reminded ustotidy upthe final draft before submission.C. The team leader askedustotidy upthe final draft before submission.D. The team leader simply wanted ustotidy upthe final draft before submission.Question 30:“If you don’t pay theransom, we’ll kill your boy,”the kidnappers toldus.A. The kidnappers orderedtokill our boy ifwe did notpay theransom.B. The kidnappers pledgedtokill ourboy ifwe did not pay theransom.C. The kidnappers threatenedtokill ourboy ifwe refused topay theransom.D. The kidnappers promisedtokill ourboy ifwe refused topay theransom.Read thefollowing passageandmark theletter A,B,C, orDon your answer sheettoindicate thecorrectanswer toeach ofthe questions.The food weeat seems tohave profound effectsonour health. Although sciencehasmade enormoussteps inmaking foodmore fittoeat, ithas, atthe same time,made many foodsunfittoeat. Some research hasshown thatperhaps eightypercent ofall human illnesses arerelated todiet andforty percent ofcancer isrelatedto the diet aswell, especially cancerofthe colon. People ofdifferent culturesaremore prone tocontact certainillnesses becauseofthe characteristic foodstheyconsume.That food isrelated toillness isnot anew discovery. In1945, government researchersrealizedthatnitratesnitrites (commonly usedtopreserve colorinmeat) aswell asother foodadditives causedcancer. Yet,thesecarcinogenic additivesremaininour food, anditbecomes moredifficult allthe time toknow which ingredientson the packaging labelofprocessed foodarehelpful orharmful.The additivesthatweeat are not allsodirect. Farmers oftengivepenicillin tocattle andpoultry, andbecause ofthis, penicillin hasbeen found inthe milk oftreated cows.VnDoc-T ải tà li ệu, văn bản ph áp lu ật, bi ểu ẫu mi ễn ph í4Sometimes similardrugsareadministered toanimals notformedical purposes, butforfinancial reasons.The farmers aresimply tryingtofatten theanimals inorder toobtain ahigher priceonthe market. Although theFood andDrug Administration (FDA)hastried repeatedly tocontrol theseprocedures, thepractices continue.A healthy dietisdirectly relatedtogood health. Oftenweare unaware ofdetrimental substancesweingest. Sometimes well-meaning farmersorothers whodonot realize theconsequences addthese substances tofood without ourknowledge.Question 31:How hasscience donetodisservice topeople?A. As aresult ofscientific intervention, somepotentially harmfulsubstances havebeen added toourfoodB. The scientists havepreserved thecolor ofmeats, butnot ofvegetablesC. Itcaused alack ofinformation concerningthevalue offoodD. Because ofscience, diseasecausedbycontaminated foodhasbeen virtually eradicated.Question 32:The word “prone ”is nearest meaning to_________.A. healthy B.unlikely C.supine D.predisposedQuestion 33:The word “carcinogenic ”is closest inmeaning to_________.A. trouble-making B.money-making C.cancer-causing D.colorretainingQuestion 34:What arenitrates usedfor?A. They preserve thecolor ofmeat B.They preserve flavorinpackage foodC. There areobjects ofresearch D.They cause theanimals become fatterQuestion 35:FDA means____________.A. Federal DairyAdditives B.Food andDrug AdministrationC. Final Difficult Analysis D.Food Direct AdditivesQuestion 36:All ofthe following statements areTRUE exceptA. Drug arealways giventoanimals formedical reasonsB. Food maycause fortypercent ofthe cancer inthe worldC. Researchers haveknown aboutthepotential hazardoffood additives formore than45yearsD. Some ofthe additives inour food areadded tothe food itself andsome aregiven tothe livinganimalsQuestion 37:What isbest titleforthis passage?A. The food youeatcan affect yourhealth B.Harmful andHarmless substances infoodC. Avoiding injurioussubstances infood D.Improving healththrough aNatural DietQuestion 38:The word “fit ”could bebest replaced bywhich ofthe following?A. suitable B.tasty C.athletic D.adaptableQuestion 39:The word “these ”refers to___________?A. researchers B.nitrates andnitrites C.meats D.colorsQuestion 40:The word “additives ”is closest meaning to__________.
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