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http://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp  Phn Chän c¸ch ph¸t kh¸c            \Z    Phn Chän ®óng many pages…………… far?” have studied study studied late. plane …………… minutes ago. taken took taken taken “What lovely boat!” ……………half year build this boat.” spend spent spending have spent …………since …………school? you/ left have been/ have left you/ left have been/ left think John …………..tomorrow. would come come will come comes After ++++++++++++ driving test bough car. passed pass passed passing When office, +++++++++++ that forgot lock door. realized realized realize have ealized When ++++++++++++++ across nited States. drove drive driven driving often ++++++++++++ nervous before feels felt feeling felt long have +++++++++++++ liar. been knowing knew know known sorry. don’t understand what ++++++++++++ +++++. you’re saying will would +++++++++++++ radio when ever yday? listen listening istening listen sweetheart +++++++++++++++ smoking next will give going give gives gave There wine? ++++++++++++++ white, hen. going have have will have aving When phone rang ++++++++++++ letter. writes will write written riting ++++++++++++ decided out. shines shone shine shining I+++++++++++++ your uncle tomorrow, I’ll your note. have seen shall have seen ++++++++++++++ study hard when were scho Must have tired because +++++++++++++ day. studied been studying been udying studied your teacher ever ++++++++++++ angry with getting gets ++++++++++ will here soon will here soon will soon here soon will They++++++++++++ theatre twice month. going went have beenhttp://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp daughter +++++++++++++ university last June. left left leaves leaving hates boss +++++++++++++ leaves left leaving left While waiter picking broken plat ++++++++++ finger. cutting cuts always afraid++++++++++++ cooking. When school, very good+++++ running. We’ve been thinking +++++++ moving house. third try, succeeded++++++++++++ pass driving test. ++++++++ working, need holiday. with frightened+++++++++++ spiders, they terrify They went +++++++++++ holiday yesterday. during She’s always talking +++++++++ phone. over John went after sitting+++++++++++ day. didn’t want cash, paid bill++++++++ credit card. with doesn’t enjoy++++++++++++++ sport. doing doing trying +++++++++++ money house. save saving save saves Would like something+++++++++++? drink drinking drink drinks teacher doesn’t ++++++++++++++ class. chew chewing chew chews It’s hard ++++++++++++ father child. imagine imagining imagines imagi made +++++++++++++ homework everyd doing doing wouldn’t like ++++++++ marathon. running It’s impossible +++++++++++ Chinese year. learning learn learn learnt used ++++++++++ early this. getting gets managed ++++++++++ home before rain star ted. getting shoes! That’s +++++++++++++! such expensive rich expensive high price When children were little ++++++++ hours playing garden. used spending used spend used spending used spend really need ++++++++ jacket. some +++++++++ drink class. must mustn’t have don’t have +++++++++++is still major world problem.http://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp poor poorment poverty poorness successful business need courage +++++++++++. good luck lucky luckily luck phoned theatre ++++++++++ what time play started. speak make I’ve lost passport, don’t know ++++++++ look anybody somewhere where anything Some people don’t night because they +++++++ that someone will them. frightening frightened bored boring Children can’t sleep Christmas Eve. They’ ++++++++++++. exciting interesting excited surpri sing I’ll without +++++++++++++ late. will would when ++++++++ rich, house Paris. would will were studied harder school ++++++ Engl better now. speaking speak would speak will speak can’t university +++++ study hard unless condition that when wish +++++++++ eaten much. have haven’t hadn’t food fridge +++++++++++ gone, empty now. been been have been been Television ++++++++ very popular since 1950 been been “They’re still looking Jack” “Hasn’t ++++++ yet?” found been found being found “Those pictures very artistic.” “Yes, they ++++++++++ France.” were painted were paint painted were painting Every system plane ++++++++++ before arture. will check will checked will ecked will checked “Mary Cathy very ++++++++ each other. “Yes, surprised that they often argue each other.” different about different different from different than “I’ve twenty dollars.” think have +++++ money than you.” least fewest less fewer “Jeff Bill smart.” “Yes, Betty ++++++++++ three.” smarter smartest smartest arter harder tried solve riddle, ++++++ more confused more confused confused most confused This soup very hot, always think ………… better. hotter hottest hotter PhÇn think that when meet person that want spend rest your life with, change. dislike idea always being available, hates people mobile have private conversations public. Before 1800 cotton great luxury, more expensive than silk, because many workers were need pick When fell injured knee, refused doctor spent hours looking free medical help. long career, Cher been extremely successful both serious actress andhttp://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp star, which extraordinary achievement. Phn ®o¹n chän ®óng Computerization changed high school education many ways. first computer teaching teachers. next massive data storage fast data gain from computers. early 1980s only high school eachers used computers. However, since then high schools have computerized rapid 1987, school acquired about million computers with schools having least computer. school, teachers computer bring texts, sound pictures into classroom With computer, they more readily attract retain students’ attention. Computers also spee teaching process make difficult+ explain ideas straights forward. This means that achers spend more time answering students’ questions catering other needs. Computer ftware shorten learning process illustrating real world applications abstract theories. What main idea text? Computers used school. Teachers banned computer. Computers used teaching 1980 there were computers used ching. According passage, which sentence true? Computerization done high Students data from computers. Teachers computer teachi aid. Teachers store data computer. word “they” refer ++++++++ teachers students computers teaching aids 1987, ++++++++++ teachers could computers school least puter. computers were used teaching aid. high schools computers. With computer, +++++++++ nothing done both teachers studen students don’t have learn their lessons. teachers must spend time explaining lesson. teachers speed their teaching cess. Have ever wanted something crazily, worked suffered then, after getting found that make happy? This experience that most people sought got. 1896, gold discovered Klondi area Yukon, remote part northern Canada, great “gold rush” Thousands people came from many other places with dream which rich quickly. Some did. Some became millionaires overnight only lose everything card game next day. Others died because temperatures often dropped 50ºC, else were murdered killed accidents fighting. style life rough hard. This passage about ++++++++++++++. gold gold rush What someon wants life Canada According writer, +++++++++++++. gold seekers were very happy after found some gold gold seekers exper ience gold could make gold seekers really happy gold seekers suffered nothing Gold +++++++++++++. been found disco vered Klondike 1896 something that nobody wants lped people become rich 1896 Gold seekers ++++++++++++. same dream which quickly came from Klondike could find gold became millionaires Klondike ++++++++++++ gold could offer gold seekers made lives easier 1896 extremely coldhttp://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp 23.C 77.A 85.D Dhttp://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp Phn Chän ph¸t kh¸c tense garden send lend boat both post lose turn further future cousin enough touch soul possible will until Phn Chän ®óng know several engineers from +++++++++. England England England Engli Nobody likes ++++++++++ news. tell told told tell That lady ++++++++ this club. prettier most pretty more pretty prettiest thirsty. have something ++++++++ ink? cold coldness coldest coldly Most people +++++++++ advice take keep make give turned round ++++++++++ Paula. seeing seen working hard these days? Because I+++++++++++++ car, saving much can. going will ++++++++++++++ Mary. here? look looking looked oking This guide book ++++++++++++++ full useful nformation. will because +++++++++++++ hours. have have been running nning …….. wife their house time? Have/live Has/lived Have/lived Did/l “Who ++++++++++++ that horrible noise?” “It’s practicing violin” makes making made been making “What would like order, sir?” “I+++++++ ++++++the lamb” have going have will have having shops+++++++++++full things buy++++++ Christmas comes. are/ when will when What +++++++++ you+++++++++ weekend when were child? have/done did/ did/ used Sorry. I++++++++++++ nicest dishes. have broken broke have been breaking broken Here’s wallet! I+++++++++++for ages. looked have been looking look oked Since ++++++++++ house +++++++ ++++ very busy. move/ have moved/ were moved/ were moved/ have been ++++++++ moon last night? Have seen seen When +++++++++ your work, leave room. will finish finishing finished finished “What looking for?” can’t remember where +++++++++ glasses.” leave left left left haven’t heard from son++++++++++++ several weeks several weeks ince several weeks before since long time “Why Bill unhappy?” “Because birds+++++ ++++++ away” flew flown have flownhttp://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp took exam this morning. really hard.” “+++++++++++++ before took it?” Have studied study Have study basket apples, oranges, lemons +++++++++ last Christmas. were Britain women usually retire+++++++++++ students’ phones always ringing+++++++++ lessons! during while 33.Why does telephone always ring++++++++++ having bath? during while They drinking little wine good++++ +++++++ you. Small children always excited++++++++ Chris tmas. with Paris famous+++++++++ being romantic from with She’s played piano++++++++++ little when from since Dubai different +++++++++++ other know. with away between from +++++++++ flower would sunflower. were been will should have word ++++++++++++ company. with toward I’ve always enjoy ++++++++++++. dancing dance dance danced I’ve never forgot +++++++++++ flamenco first time. seeing couldn’t stop ++++++++++ about buying lapto think think thought thinking I’ve decided +++++++++ learning learn learn learnt friend promised ++++++++++ some steps teach teach teaching taught She’s going ++++++++++ shoes. borrow borrowing borrow borrowed really looking forward ++++++++++++ arents. meet meeting meeting I’ll need +++++++ some music dance buying bought thinking ++++++++++++ Spain next mont going been hope +++++++++++ dance then. being able able able able Small children have +++++++++++++. imagination imagine imaginary imagin ative When small boy, Christmas very ++++ ++++. exciting excite excited excitement Many +++++++++ believe dreams help unders tand lives. psychologists psychology psychological psyche very ++++++++++++, uses very littl petrol. economic economical economist econom haven’t +++++++ flour dinner. some little ahttp://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp didn’t enjoy ++++++++ book lent some stay here ++++++ like. long much +++++++ funny story. tell speak talk look very +++++++++++ when told happily happy happiness happiest long ++++++++ type this lette want take need require your house +++++++++++++ recently? decorated decorated been decorated decorated English French ++++++++ Canada. speaking were spoken here spoken speak father +++++++++++ last birthday given given gave give Shakespeare ++++++++++++ many plays. wrote written write wrote exam results ++++++++++ post. will send will sent sent will sent Sushi +++++++++++ mainly Japan. eaten eats eaten thinking about going Europe your vacation? “No, ++++++++++ money, would definitely go.” have have would have “It’s really raining.” “Yes. weather ++++++, we’ll have give camping.” would worse might worse hould worse “Why don’t send only twenty dollars?” “Sorry. more money, ++++++++++ give more.” will have would have would have need help with your English?” ++++++ you.” will would asked This room smoky. wish +++++++++ smokin would stop have stopped stop stoppin +++++++++ John busy every day? Does Will boss told ++++++++ clean room. like have ++++++++ trees front indow that people can’t look little …………… students enrolled this year than last York University. Less than Less more PhÇn trong nh÷ng They both wanted friends again this time they stopped speaking each other, neither them learned that other decide marry Annie. Everyday played with ball garden palace went school south England, studied English Oxford University, lived country since most life. capital city most populated city world there lots things tohttp://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp doing there. from quite chilly very warm, should perhaps bring jacket don’t need thick winter clothes. Phn ®o¹n chon Computerization high school good effect students’ learning. Students today learn quite differently from past. stly, computers help teachers explain lesso interestingly classroom, which allows studen clearer idea about what being taught, students have more time their teachers quest ions. Secondly, CD_ROM Internet provide students with data resources that simple strokes mouse+clicks. This incr eases speed which students learn minimizing spent searching information. computerization already enable high school stud ents learn faster, easier more efficient way. According writer, ++++++++++++ computerization should carried computers necessary teachers should computers class computers helpful both teachers udents Computers help teachers explain lesson ++++ +++++. boringly differently interestingly slowly Students +++++++++ data from CD_ROM Internet cannot data from CD_ROM Internet should computer like computer Computerization ++++++++++++ makes students spend time searching information useless helps students learn faster, easier, efficient makes lessons difficult explain When class computerized, +++++++++ students have more time their chers questions teachers needn’t explain essons students cannot information students cannot clear ideas company cannot sell products customers like company. Employees represent company. Customers identify company with employees. That reason employees important. When people work, they work money. They work because they need money their their families’ support workplace happy place, then people work better, produce more, please customers. business owner, boss, manager create happy work environment improve business same should encourage employees think etter ways things. necessary give empl oyees have good ideas some profit (money made from idea). employees should give rights complain suggest. They also need some medical care help them feel better work. According writer, ++++++++++ only boss important company ployees play important company company needs customers boss sell products without customers Employees work +++++++++++ money products customers supporters People work better +++++++++ without boss without money happy workplace their families boss should encourage employees +++++++ think better things profit create happy work environment prove business According writer, +++++++++ employees have rights complain gest employees have rights complain sugges employees have medical care employees cannot profithttp://ebook.here.vn min hàng ngàn eBook, thi, liu t\Zp 77.A 85.A